Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Still not 100%

Gained 3 lbs overnight. How is that even possible? Forgot to take my meds last night, Hgl was almost 400. Shot up a lot of insulin.

Up & out early, traffic was better, especially the last exit.

Nothing to do at work, so just watched news & storm chasers (one guy drove to Erie PA and upstate NY in a blizzard).

Lunch was beef & mac frozen meal, red bull green flavor and strawberries. Lamyay snack.

Had a quick visit from a Peace Corps alumni friend who manages Google Play Movies. I think I drove her away asking if she had any job openings.

2 pm skype-ish interview for a low paying contract job in the other side of Mountain View. 2-11 pm or thereabouts. Light rail stops running and so does CalTrain, so having car is a good thing. They also have a morning shift but it's too early for me. Starts January 1st Monday if I get it.

I hope something that pays better comes along, but it sounds interesting and will keep me fed.

Thinking about not doing a calendar this year. I barely have enough photos, and probably can't afford it.

NNP came in with a replacement router (I'm taking mine home). It took a while to set up because IT disconnected two of the internet outlets.

Watched PTI. Undeleted the UW-WSU game, but they did not show the WSU band playing the UW fight song. I must have seen that on a news broadcast. Got a nice reply to my thank you email to the WSU band director.

Streamed for 90 minutes or so, one guy spent to many words trying to bring me into the Catholic church. It's so sad to see someone that brainwashed. Another chatter was a fellow atheist and backed up what I was saying. Turn the stream off early, just as more people came on board.

Spook poked her head in the guest room as I was coming out from playing with Spot. When she saw him in there she turned around and ran away.

Seriously looking into a train ride to San Diego for a few days in 2 weeks. I c an do it on points. Hotels are about $100/night though. Great place for photography, though.

Plans for tomorrow:
4 pm ophthalmology check-up

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