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Had my eyes diluted

Up early - like 6:30, but had Stuff™ to do, and was out on time or a little bit late.

Updated the STB I was working on, and went through the bugs. They fixed three of them, but the most annoying one is still broken. It's a show-stopper. During setup, it requires you to pair the remote control in order to be able to use its microphone and some other minor features, but they don't have the BT receiver turned on at that point. They give you 2 tries, if those fail then they let you skip it, and you can pair it later. But most customers won't know how to do that, and will call tech support, or try a different remote.

Lunch was a beef teriyaki steamer bowl, dutch apple cake for dessert.

Helped NP add herself as admin to my old macbook, and delete me.

3 pm, drove to Kaiser Santa Clara for a 4 pm ophthalmology appointment. It took 15 minutes to find a parking spot in their garage. Valet was full too. Checked in by 3:30, usually they bring me in right away and run the vision tests and put in dilation drops. I figure if they are putting in drops they are diluting my eyes. But this time they brought me in only 5 minutes to 4, and the doctor didn't come in till almost 4:30.

Good news is my vision is still 20-20, and the retinopathy is still minor, no need for any treatment. Next appointment in a year.

Hung around for half an hour in the piano lobby, much eye candy, but blurry. Also wanted to wait for it to get darker.

Home, delivered was a wireless phone charger stand which was a free replacement for one which arrived DOA. I had expected it a month ago, and when they asked last week if I still wanted it (they missed my initial reply) I said no, I already bought one from Google.

So now I have 2.

Also delivered were 2 more Hawaiian shirts made from the high quality cotton. I wore one today which had arrived yesterday.

Dinner was early. Two single slice sandwiches on sourdough rye. Lox and cream cheese on one and chopped liver and onions on the other. Watched PTI and Below Deck. Captain finally fired the boson. And the insane useless #3 stewardess quit. She gave 2 day's notice. Apparently she pulled that number out of her tiny ass. New boson was chosen from the deck crew - someone who had done that job on other charter yachts before. But that peeled another layer - the one female crew member imagines she is being underused, assigned Girl Jobs™ and keeps escalating her complaints, which are baseless. She owns a fishing trawler in Alaska, and doesn't get it that she's just a crew member now. The new boson is giving her the same work as the other crew member, she's just a drama queen. I would not be surprised to see her go.

Also FFed two episodes of Oak Island, which keep repeating the same insignificant finds over and over again. Maybe 5 minutes of new material in 2 hours of video. It's obvious there is no treasure on the island. But they keep stringing their investors along.

Took a nap, since the computer screen was still too fuzzy to read. Woke up disoriented, couldn't remember I'd already had dinner.

Streamed, but something I installed to play a YouTube clip wouldn't stop playing, and I messed up my audio settings trying to fix that. Took half an hour to get going again. Had some good conversations, and people got the hang of how to get a song request to play.

Things were just getting going when I turned it off at 11. Need my beauty rest. My eyes are still a little diluted.

Plans for tomorrow:
Thursday Night Football
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