Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hammer Day

Thor's Day...

Not much to do at work, mostly watched streams on a Norwegian set top box. NP and NNP came by a few times with questions, and to steal cables.

Lunch was a manwich hot pocket philly cheese steak thing and the last piece of dutch apple cake. I have another whole cake in the fridge.

I had brought in a huge thing of assorted baklava from Costco which was making my Hgl soar, I'd eaten about 1/3 of the pieces. Left it in the break room and it was gone by lunchtime.

They finally fixed the soft drink fridge.

Got a call while i was eating, let it go to voicemail. After lunch I called back, it was the recruiter from the MV social media job, offering me the job. I called back and accepted, start date is Jan 7. The pay is very low, but with a month to go I can bail if I find something better. Recruiter will mail me the forms tomorrow.

Filled in a form on amtrak.com asking for a quote for their Grand Canyon vacation package.

It rained HARD on the way to work, traffic was very light -until the first xit, which was a parking lot. Drizzling slightly on the way back, traffic was horrible.

Home, watched the Saints give away the ball game at the last minute.

Dinner was chicken soup. The last of the chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Streamed from 9-11. Good conversations this time until the trolls hit right at the end

Plans for tomorrow:
Janice @ Starbucks after work
Print the rent check


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