Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Off The Rails

Up and out very early after visiting Spot & loading the dishwasher.

Answered stupid email from manufacturer's rep who Just Doesn' Get It™ that his set-top box doesn't work correctly.

Wrote a draft of my bye-bye message. Chose carefully the individuals it will go to. Discovered that my Russian heart throb is no longer with the company. Will send the message EOD Monday.

Phoned my Ford dealership and left a message asking for info on returning the car early. No call back.

Got four email messages from three people asking for info for the new job.

Tried to reserve an Amtrak Grand Canyon vacation, but the "purchase" button did not work. Error message said it needed my complete legal name as it appears on my passport, which is weird because they don't check passports. Weirder is it would not let me add my middle name, that field is grayed out. There is no way to edit my name anywhere on my account.

Plugged the car in at 4:45, 5:25 headed for Starbucks, talked with Janice till they closed at 7. She says if she ever wanted to end it all, she would like to fall off a cliff. She mentioned that her brother's ashes were scattered at the Grand Canyon.

Home, nothing delivered. Spook was waiting at the carport door.

Twitch made me an Affiliate, which means more ways to make $$ online.

Took >90 minutes filling out the background check paperwork for new job.

Tried again with Amtrak, using Edge instead of Chrome, No luck. Their form is broken. I'll have to call them. It'll take a while - the trip has a lot of options. Basic plan is take Coast Starlight to LA, transfer to the tour, then back on the Coast Starlight. Two nights in a hotel by the canyons.

Streamed from 9-11, got more followers. And a few repeats.

Dinner while I chatted - chopped liver & onions, mochi for dessert.

Still to be done - empty the dishwasher. Throw undies and sox into the woorsh.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone Amtrak & finish the reservation
Redwood City Nissan, ask about a Leaf lease.

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