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Aw Pair

Slept in till 10. Torrential rain, so postponed trip to see a Nissan. Called Amtrak, used my fancy Sony BT headphones with the built in mike. They worked perfectly and were very comfortable for a half-hour call. Got a nice American man named Ben, he said the reason I wasn't able to purchase the vacation package is they were sold out till January. He said the web site should have said this, and it should not have shown me availability at the hotels.

But he had a Plan B which turns out to be better and less expensive. Instead of staying at the Grand Canyon, stay in Flagstaff, do a trip to Sedona the first day and a trip to the Grand Canyon the second day, including the GC train ride. Back to Flagstaff and then LA.

He couldn't use points to get me to and from LA, so I did that booking plus a hotel for one night on my own.

So, the trip looks like this:
Overnight in LA close to the train station
Maybe take a day tour in LA. TMZ tour? Not likely. Maybe take the M line to Thai town?
LA to Flagstaff 6 pm
2 nights in Flagstaff
1st morning Monument Valley & Navjo site
2nd morning Grand Canyon & GC railroad
Back to LA ~ 8 am
LA-SJ 10 am

I let Spot out of the guest room, and while Spook hissed at him a lot, he didn't charge at her. He did try to steal her treats, though. He sat on my lap while I watched TV, I need to trim his claws.

Delivered was the Iris hub. It doesn't pair with most of my ancient outlet switches, but it does pair with my motion sensors and the laundry room lights. Tomorrow I'll pick up about 7 iris outlet switches. It ought to pair with the carport and guest room switch but hasn't done so yet. Maybe tomorrow. For now I'll keep the Samsung hub in place. Sensors don't work but voice does.

Lunch was a bacon and swiss omelet. Dutch apple cake for dessert. Completely forgot to make apple cobbler crumble. Maybe tomorrow.

Drove to the community center and dropped off the rent. Had to write in everything by hand, Quicken did a stealth update which won't print to my check printing software anymore. They were supposed to leave that alone until the 2018 version. I may have to spring for Versacheck.

Two PTI episodes, Graham Norton and Long Lost Lives on Tivo.

Pissed to discover the Pac 12 championship was not recorded. Tivo is supposed to record all Washington football games. FAIL. They won, which ought to make them bowl invitees, in the good old days it would have been the Rose Bowl against the Big 10[12?] champs, but not anymore. The UW web site mentions no bowl games. Bummer.

Set up a 10-minute music playlist to run during my Twitch stream, and to test it out, at 6-ish started a countdown timer to 9 pm, and streamed a "will be online at:" placeholder with the music running.

Dinner was beef bulgogi on rice, mochi for dessert.

9 pm, started streaming, jabbering as usual. Lots of chatters, by 10 enough to make me visible on the "live" list.

Also watched a new storm chaser, in the snow in Southern Minnesota. He didn't get his storm chase software running despite help from one of their staff.

Put Spot back in his room for the night. Actually, he ran in there himself when he smelled Spook's litterbox and decided he would rather use his own. I only shut the door.

Did a load of undies and sox.

Downloaded and played 3 rounds of a tank game. It uses the NVidia card in my PC. The keyboard controls are awkward.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sometime drive up to Redwood City and talk to Nissan about leasing a Leaf.
Bake an apple cobbler with crumble topping
Maybe stream the tank game before I chat

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