Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not the adventures I was planning

Up at 9, out to Lowe's around 10. Picked up the 6 (I had ordered 7, their site said they had a dozen) Iris outlet switches, and bought one older style one so I'd have the 7 I needed.

Home, paired the first one and set it up in the bedroom. The second one wouldn't pair. They had given me 2 iris hub-compatible units and four tp-link wi-fi-compatible units. The items are in different colored boxes, have different SKU #s and different descriptions.

Back to Lowe's for a refund on 4 ,and to get three more of the right ones, plus an outdoor heavy duty GE one, because when I pulled the one off the car charger, it had fried the connector.

Spent the early afternoon pairing them all, setting them in place, and creating routines for the motion sensors.

The built-in kitchen light switch is not Iris compatible. Bummer.

The iris app is a PIA, way more difficult to use than the Samsung. So far, though, the motion sensors have stayed online. Later in the week I need to see if the Logitech remote which triggers my home theater routines will work without the Samsung hub. The main thing was the motion sensors, so I'm mostly happy.

Watched the Seahawks dismantle the 49ers up in Seattle.

Looked again, did not see any bowl invites for the UW football team. Boo hiss.

Used my apple peeler and (separate) slicer, and made an apple cobbler crumble. It tastes very good. I made a cobbler, and when it had 10 minutes left to bake, I poured on crumble topping and baked it the rest of the way. Peeling was interesting, the apples I bought at GO were asymmetrical.

Watched 1/3 of an episode of Mysteries at the Museum. Streamed from 9-11 instead of watching Dr. Who. I'm now 2 episodes behind.
And I don't care.

Decided against the Nissan visit - it dawned on me I will not be working most of the week, I can go on a weekday. Less busy than a weekend.

Played the tank game, streamed it (I think), won twice, lost 4 times. That's only level 1.

Dinner was the last of the latest thawed container of chopped liver, on rye, with onions. Apple cobbler crumble for dessert.

Lunch was battered fish, so I still haven't cooked up any of the trout from Costco. It's waiting patiently in the freezer.

Spot was free all day, he curled up on my arm while I watched TV but was otherwise under foot and a brat, so he's back in his room.

Took out the garbage. There were a lot of boxes to break down and bundle. 2 weeks' worth. Did 2 loads of laundry. Found the missing sock.

Plans for tomorrow:
Identify a new nails place
End of day send out my bye-bye message
Fill in a 2-day timesheet.
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