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Spent more time in traffic this evening than normal, topped by a crash blocking the last leg of my ride home.

Then there was about 90 minutes filling out 2,487 online forms for the new job, much of which was a repeat of the 2 hours I spent over the weekend filling out the background check forms. It is an insane amount of paperwork for a near minimum wage job.

Looks like I'll be a vendor not a contractor this time.

Managed to pair the light switch in Spot's room with the new hub, and get Google home to recognize it. Also paired the already configured logitech remote control to Google Home, so I can have it turn to the channel I want after it turns on the home theater.

The only resistant item is the kitchen light switch which is built into the wall. It refuses to pair. Something about needing to remove it from the Z-wave group first, but I thought I'd already done that.

Filled in my final Google time sheet. It covers today and tomorrow.

Lunch was beef portobello and a piece of my apple cobbler crumble. I need to try that again, the cobbler part didn't rise enough.

Dinner was chicken soup from a year ago and a pair of matzo balls.

Watched PTI and then stumbled across the 49ers coach's press conference, followed by Richard Sherman's. Coach doesn't understand that he needs to change.

Streamed for about an hour, it was very quiet. Chatter from Costa Rica.

Just installed Versacheck, which actually works on blank check paper with Quicken. Which means i can upgrade to Quicken 2019 if I want. And nuke Check Designer. Need to do some work customizing the checks.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work -hand in my badge
Nails (?)

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