Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two Years Behind The Mast

Up on time, out late because I took time off to play with Spot. And finally paired the kitchen light. I think I can now unplug the Samsung hub.

And I did.

Quiet day at work. Played with the norway box, watched I Can See Your Voice: Thailand and saw several bugs I filed against a Taiwan box a year ago are now fixed. Gave the box to NNP at Boss' request and late in the day did a brain dump.

Parted friends with the team, Boss gave me a card-sized envelope which I figured had a YouTube or Google movies gift card, so did not open it till I got home.** Gave her my badge and 2 security keys.

Truly bad traffic, happy to be home and not have to commute for a while.

Let Spot out and changed his litterbox, but he picked a fight with Spook so back into his room he went. I looked in the closet and he had pulled a dress jacket and pants off their hanger, and made a nest in there with one of his fuzzy toys. I cleaned that up, but I see he's got the closet door open again.

Dinner was a Costco lamb shank, Italian style, not as good as Greek but okay, mixed veggies and a croissant. Apple crumble for dessert. Watched PTI and two phony episodes of Oak Island. What a crock that show is. Way too much money being thrown at complete amateurs.

**Opened the envelope, it did have a cute going away card, and a piece of paper. Unfolded the paper and it was a ticket to see Hello Dolly in Downtown SF on a Thursday night in Feb.  Very expensive ticket. But I'll be working evenings, and even if I wasn't, SF on a week night is not an option for me. I'll hold onto it just in case things change, but will send it back with thanks in time for her to get a refund or find someone else to go.

Streamed for an hour, not much chatting until the last minute. Egg nog.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch the Spacex launch
Doctor at 3
Put away the laundry
Maybe start packing for the trip

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