Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Day With Lots of Reservations

Turned off the 7:30 alarm and slept till 9. This morning was fill the pill boxes day. Breakfast was some pre-cooked bacon and a criossant.

Fixed a couple of annoying home automation issues. My Nest thermostat was appearing twice, once linked directly to Google Home from Nest, once from Iris hub to Nest. Alexa didn't know what to do with that. Google said it was applying my commands to two devices. And a couple of devices needed to be assigned to a room. And the all-lights-on-at-sunset command had not been enabled.

FFed through two more BS episodes of Oak Island. They found an iron rod which some child they hired at a university claims is from the Roman era. I don't buy that for two reasons. One is is is too small to be a crossbow bolt, and the Romans were never anywhere near Oak Island in the period the child claimed. It's disgusting how the Oak Island searchers jump on every little discovery as if it was legit. So far they have found nothing of value.

Reserved a hotel in San Diego for 4 nights. The last day I need to be at the train station by 5:30 am. Got a decent price on a Wyndham hotel by the waterfront park.

Doctor appt at 3, she checked me thoroughly, nothing obviously wrong, urine sample was inconclusive, she will have them culture it, results expected Friday. She thinks sleep apnea is causing the headaches, or maybe residual concussion effects from when I hit my head. She suggested Flonase for the sleep apnea (because CPAP and nasal washes don't work for me), and increasing my diuretic for the weight gain. And exercise. I picked up generic Flonase at the pharmacy downstairs.

Stopped off at one of my old nail places, got them done but the woman did not get it that I wanted the bad job removed and clear polish instead of the cloudy stuff on there now. So I may take time in San Diego to get that done. Got a short time to chat with the Thai hairdresser.

Home, nothing in the mailbox because of Bush league politics.

6:10 walked to the community center to hear a spiel from a non-profit which leads walking tours for seniors at nearby parks and rec areas. Wasted time, they only do the walks M-F during normal business hours, and they charge per walk.

Home, dinner was chicken soup and matzo balls. Apple crumble for dessert.

Watched PTI and the Dr. Who from 2 weeks ago about witch trials. Horribly written, several certificates issued by Overactors Anonymous, gaps in the plot you can drive a truck through, and minimal special effects. Shot on location in a bog somewhere.

Logged onto TripAdvisor and booked a 2-day Hop-on Hop-off Trolley ticket for my first two full days in San Diego. I'll take the full route and then pick one or two places to get off and see an attraction. They stop running at 5 pm, so I have to be careful not to get stranded like I did in Tallinn.

Did some research and it is whale season, booked a whale watching trip for my last full day - afternoon sailing so hope to get sunset shots if the weather cooperates.

Plugged all the info into Google Keep, and also have it all printed out.

Streamed from about 8:45 till midnight. The Twitch server died a couple of minutes before, actually. Lots of chatters from 10 on.

Spot was out of the room for most of the evening, but was put back in when he picked a fight with Spook. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to wake up before 9
BB&B, sodastream syrups
Hang up the shirts & pants
Charge & update the laptop (I'll take it with me to SD, would have left it home for Grand Canyon)
Nissan dealership???
Call Ford again and try to get an answer about $$$ for turning the car in early
Start packing

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