Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Oils well that endz well

It was a frustrating day. But things mostly turned out okay.

Eventually up at 9, I may have woken up when the lights went on at 7:30 but the alarm was at 9. Climbed out of the tablet's Internet rabbit hole by 10:30 and climbed down the one on the PC. Had to phone the background check cretins because they emailed that Modis, my Google contract agency, had told them I was employed by them from 2008-2018, which is impossible because Modis did not exist in 2008. Looking at my resume, I started an Adecco contract at Sony in 2008 and Adecco spun off its technical division and named it Modis. That contract was only about a year, at which time Sony forced us all to use a different agency.

I'm pretty sure the background check "researcher" misread the report.

Email from my contract contact said if I sent her job numbers she would tell me if they were Google or not. I found four, she didn't find one of them, two were Google and the 4th was Apple, which meant they left out the iOS requirement from the job description. So no help at all there.

Lunch was seaweed and a Kind bar and some peanut butter.

Watched the current Doctor Who. They continue to produce the shows on the cheap. This one was basically a rip-off of Steven King's It complete with a Pennywise character named Ribbons. With added mystery portal. I planned on quitting after one more, then found out the next one is the season finale. Seems like a short season, I should check.

Checked. Only 10 episodes this season. 12-13 most others. The new Doctor is not the problem, the new regime is.

It was too late to go to BB&B - rush hour traffic - so for Soda Stream syrup I went to Target. FAIL. The display was a mess, about 40 bottles of energy drink taking up the slots for the other flavors. No diet orange, only one diet cola and one caffeine free diet cola. Lots of grapefruit (yuk).  They did have a sale on 5 pairs of the kind of socks I like, and I got the last two plastic quart bottles of 2% milk. Bought 3 DiGiorno "personal" pizzas on sale. Rye bread, gallon ziplock bags, ice cream and cat treat meat sticks.

Next stop was the nearby BofA except there is a fence all around it. That's the main Sunnyvale branch. The city probably approved a sale of the land to high priced apartment/condo developers. I had to go to the one nearer my house. It's on the other side of town, so not on my way home normally.

Home, put stuff away. Packed for the trip - all the clothing is packed except an extra pair of jeans which I probably can do without. Most everything else will wait till Saturday. Got my passport card out of the lock box and into my wallet, in case the foo by the border clears up enough to make it practical to duck into Tijuana.

Got a call from the Ford dealer who said I would owe whatever monthly payments are due on the car if I turn it in early, and I can turn it in to my local dealership if I want. So there is no sense in turning it in early, if I lease something else I'll be paying for two cars anyway.

Watched some of the football game. Email from the new contract company with an offer letter to sign, so I guess the background check came through after all. Neat trick - they let me upload my signature png file. The other forms wanted a mouse signature which is ugly.

Versacheck working with Quicken meant I could upgrade to 2019. It's ugly. It's also faster. But I need to buy the $80 upgrade to Versacheck if I want to design my own checks. What a rip-off.

Streamed from 9-11. Some interesting conversations, then it went quiet at 10 till 11.

Dinner was a personal pizza and dessert was warmed up apple cobbler.

Message from my doctor said the lab tests showed no infection.

Plans for tomorrow:
Redwood City Nissan
Maybe check out the Amtrak parking lot. I'm thinking of taking light rail to the station despite the long-ish walk. There's a park and ride lot, but it's 5 miles away and I don't think I can park there all week.
Still have some Tivo to watch. And I should see if my Netflix tester account still works.

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