Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Kinda quiet day, mostly

Up at the 7:30 alarm because tomorrow it will be 6:00

Did not do much productive - watched a lot of TV and Tivo, played online, lunch was bacon & criossant while watching my favorite storm chaser on Twitch.

Watered all the indoor plants, topped off both cats' food & water and changed Spook's litterbox cartridge. (I did Spot's the other day)

Bit the bullet and cut back the roses. It took an hour. It filled the garden clips recycle bin.

Watched enough of the start of the Army-Navy game on tivo to confirm Trump was there & set to flip the coin.

MV Starbucks, was early early but Janice was already there chatting with one of her AA friends. Gorgeous platinum blonde. Janice never lets me get close to her AA friends because she knows I will drive them to drink.

Home, found my mini-pack to keep my camera gear in during the trip. Put the meds in a zip-lock bag, and also zipped up three snack bags of cookies.

Dinner was hot dogs boiled with macaroni. Hot dogs on whole wheat bread with Dijon and sauerkraut. A big kosher dill on the side. Dessert was the last piece of apple cobbler. Watched the coin toss, Trump did okay. FFed through most of the game, it was boring. Dept. of Defense for sure. Army won. The black Knights? Gag me. The Khaki Daze. The cadets wear battleship gray. The Navy cadets wear black. Go figure.

Streamed for about an hour, maybe less. Disabled the PC's auto-start feature, I won't have time tomorrow morning to go online.

Plans for tomorrow:
up at 6
Out by 8
Light rail by 8:30
Amtrack by 10 am
LA ~ 9 pm
Hotel near train station

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