Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

First full day of tourist trolley

Up many times in the night because I took the diuretic in the evening, and it doesn't kick in quickly like it used to.

8:30 the contract recruiter phoned, I was in the shower. Called him back, he was asking for something I'd already sent in for the background check. I yelled at him, gave him the name of the on-boarder to whom I had sent it, and hung up.

Out of bed around 9. Fired up the laptop and forwarded the on-boarder's last email to the recruiter. They need to coordinate.

No breakfast.

Walked to the maritime museum, which is basically across the street from the hotel. Looked for but did not find the trolley stop. Called them, they said the stop was several blocks south. Long walk. Found their booth, exchanged my printout for a pair of tickets, a schedule and a sticker for my shirt. Waited at least 20 minutes for the next one - they are supposed to run every 20 minutes and this stop had no place to sit.

This was the 3rd stop in the tour, the trolleys only run one direction, which kinda sucks. It means you have to take the whole trip over again to get to your stop.

It's a long trip, well worth the price.

As planned I did the whole ride, then got off at a place I had never been to - gaslight district, Found a BofA ATM to deposit a check, then a Thai place right away. Service was slow, Pot Thai was poorly done but with a lot of shrimp, they tried to give me chopsticks, so total FAIL. The Thai iced tea was mixed, not enough sweetened condensed milk, the mango was tiny and the sticky rice was the cheap purple kind. The only good part is they spoke Thai.

Took some photos and got back on for another round. I could see the maritime museum from the Little Italy stop, so I got off there and walked back to the hotel.

Bought some diet Coke & peanut M&Ms in the hotel store.

Looked for places online for dinner. Not a lot nearby. Walked to the Fish Market, had a whole Maine lobster. What was I thinking? Should have had something local. Once again it was rubbery except for the claws. Why is it that only the Chinese supermarket knows how to steam a lobster?

Strawberry cheesecake for dessert was meh. There were no real chocolate desserts. WTF?

Long walk home, listened to a bit of the Bob Hope memorial audio. Took pix of the Kissing statue. Rip-off of a Pulitzer prize winning Life magazine cover photo.

Long walk back to the hotel, sciatica made itself known along with some minor injury on the side of my left foot.

Streamed for about 15 minutes but it was all trolls, so I quit.

Plans for tomorrow:
Trolley to Coronado
Walk to the beach
Hang out till it's time to get the last trolley to Little Italy
Dinner in Little Italy
Try streaming again

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