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December 11th? My Last Post was Dec. 11?

Catching up, then. I could have sworn I posted every day from San Diego, but it seems I streamed instead, telling my audience the things I normally would have posted, and then crashing.

2nd day in SD started with buying band aids and neosporin at the hotel gift shop (the neosporin was way overpriced) because my left shoe had worn a hole in my instep, and it was very painful to walk on. Back in the room, applied that, and no more pain.

Hiked to the hop-on hop-off trolley stop, my one goal to spend some time on the ocean beach out on Coronado Island. It was a long walk from their Coronado stop back to the beach, Plan A was to walk past the Hotel Del and veg out on the sand, but it was overcast and chilly and generally not a beach day, so since it was lunchtime, I found the restaurant with outdoor seating, with a view of a sliver of the ocean past the unoccupied ice rink, and had an amazing seafood salad and an even more amazing chocolate dessert. The salad had shrimp, lobster, crab, a generous portion of bacon pieces, 1/4 of an avocado sliced, tomatoes and probably other things because something stuck between my teeth. The dessert was a tennis ball sized sphere with a dark chocolate shell, chocolate mousse inside, caramel mousse center on a crumbled Oreo crust. Hella expensive but worth it. Some eye candy passing by as well.

Lunch over, I did walk out onto the beach, snapped a few pictures of waves half-heartedly crashing against the rocks. It would have been better at not-low tide.

Back to the trolley stop by 4, and off at Little Italy. The plan was to hike up the block to this huge nail spa and get my nails done. Did the hike, but in this huge spa (12 pedicure stations) there were only two people working and they were booked for the day. Another 3 blocks to a smaller nail spa, they also only had two people working and were booked.

But all that walking brought me to dinner time, a place called the Mona Lisa, very large family-friendly place. The lasagna with sausage was good, would have been better with Italian sausage instead of Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage. The mud pie was superb. Real chocolate + coffee ice cream. <$25 for a great meal with excellent service.

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