Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

San Diego final full day - Whale-less whale watching

Thursday started with some DayQuil tablets, Bonine and poking around online.

Walked the three blocks to the Flagship cruises dock and was told to come back at 12:30 to check in for the whale watching trip. There is a very nice park-like area with lots of places to sit, your choice of directions. Also a nearby clean public restroom. Some eye candy, but mostly people watching for those of us planning on writing the Great American Novel.

12:35, checked in , got a ticket, and told 1:15 Gate 1 for the trip.

1 pm sharp, the gate opened and they took my ticket. 1:15, boarded a very nice big boat with a huge upper deck excellent for a whale watching trip.

3 hours later, after a beautiful sunny day on the ocean, we finally saw some small dolphins, but there wasn't any sign of a whale. We were given a free pass to come back any time (it doesn't expire) to try again. Just my luck, yesterday they saw whales, with overcast weather but today great weather, no whales.

There were volunteers from the aquarium with whale bits to show us, and a naturalist on the top deck with lots of whale facts, but without whales it didn't quite work.

Somewhere during the day I lost my reading glasses, so after the trip and dropping my gear off at the hotel, I walked up the hill to the Rite Aid and got a pair, and then back to the hotel to try Claim Jumper again. This time the service was great, had the chicken pot pie, which was excellent. Too full for dessert, also the pot pie came with a fruit bowl.

Up to the room, packed everything except the morning ritual stuff, streamed for half an hour, set the alarm for 4 am and went to sleep at about 8 pm.

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