Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Full Day Home

So Spot has quieted down a bit, he spent most of the night in my bed, looking for places where I wouldn't roll over on him. I didn't hear any cat fights. He was kneading the mattress, so first thing I did when I got up was trim his nails. Major improvement.

Spook spent the day on the kitchen cat tree, sometimes on top, sometimes curled up in the hutch.

Stuff done:
2 loads of laundry washed & dried & put away (ironed all the Hawaiian shirts)
1 dishwasher load washed & put away
5 episodes of PTI and 4 episodes of Mysteries At The Museum watched
1800 or so photos separated into folders by day taken. All the ones from the train trips batch processed in Photoshop to fix contrast

Facebooked a little.

Banana for breakfast
Chopped liver and onion on rye sandwiches for lunch, mochi & peanut M&Ms for dessert
DiGiorno personal sized stuffed pizza baked for dinner, root beer float with mint chip ice cream for dessert
egg nog

Streaming now, but nobody is online, so here I am writing.

Online, looked again at the Chevy Bolt, was reminded it has no nav system
Took another look at the $$ for the Nissan Leaf
Transferred $$ from brokerage to bank for the downpayment. Made sure I have enough on the credit card
(will charge it, get the points, and pay the card from checking)

Plans for tomorrow:
Get the photos onto Flickr - need to crop some of them first to lose the train window edges
Watch Doctor Who final season episode
Also on tivo: Below Deck, Nova and Shark Tank
Watch some football (49ers host Seahawks!)
Coffee w/Janice at 5
Search for a local-er nails place for Monday. Yelp is my friend, usually

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