Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not a big fan

My CPU fan is making noise. I blew out the dust but it is still noisy. Went into the BIOS settings and tweaked the speed, which helped. Temperature is about 43° C, which is well below the normal loaded operating temperature, so the massive heat sink is doing its job. Replacing the fan is a massive PIA, so I'll just bear with it for now.

Boring day, mostly. Played on the tablet till noon, Spot kept me company. Read the spec sheet for the three Leaf variations, and sure enough, the Basic (S) doesn't have what I need, the mid-range (SV) does, plus some items I don't really want but will deal with. The premier (SL) is more for the frozen northlands. Though it does have turn signal lights on the side view mirrors, which I would like to have. But not at the extra $$ or the useless features.

Starbucks chat with Janice, broke the news that I'm not starting work after all tomorrow. I think it's for the best, the pay was way too low, and the red tape was not worth it for a minimum wage job. I saw the job listed twice on indeed dot com, I hope the recruiter loses his job over his mess-up.

There was more than a week's worth of paper and containers to recycle, all the bins are out at the curb for tomorrow's pickup.

Lunch was chopped liver and onions on rye, I think. Or was that yesterday? Dinner was a major production. I had thawed a trout overnight, and sauteed an onion, a red sweet bell pepper, much garlic, many sliced mushrooms and home-grown oregano & basil in a lot of butter. Dumped that onto a plate, put the trout on the pan and covered it in the sautee. 5 minutes, lather rinse repeat. Yummy.

Watched the 49ers beat the Seahawks. Barely. I was rooting for Seattle. It even rained.

Also watched the Eagles try to blow a big lead, and fail to lose. I see the Patriots lost again. Yay.

Streamed from 10:30-midnight. 18 viewers at the peak. The more viewers you have, the more visible your stream becomes. It feeds itself.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hang around for recruiter calls
Call the Nissan dealer - I'll come by tomorrow to do the paperwork, take delivery later in the week after returning the Ford
Get my nails done if they have an opening at a place I used to go to all the time. It's a bit out of the way, but I seem to remember it was worth it

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