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Mostly Boring

Roku recruiter messaged asking if she could call today or tomorrow. I replied today at 1 would work, or let me know a time and I will make myself available.



Up at 7:30, Spot blocked my path till about 10. Made it tough to read the tablet with his head in the way.

Left voicemail with the Nissan salesguy, I'm pretty sure today is his weekend. Looked at my IRA, and have enough to buy the car for cash, but then I won't have that cash for when I'm unemployed. And I would have to pay income taxes on it.

Lunch yesterday was ha gow and BBQ pork (baked) buns, not chopped liver. Today it was ramen & bacon and ramen & shrimp.

Processed 4 days worth of vacation photos, 2 to go. As usual they are on Flickr.

Called for a 6 pm nails appointment at a place in downtown Sunnyvale I'd never been to but saw good reviews on Yelp. Left at 5:30, traffic was so bad a 7-minute drive took 40. I called en route to let them know I would be late.

Very nice place. Fancy. The staff all had aprons embroidered with the name of the place. All wore blue tops as well. All Vietnamese. Manager understood what I wanted, told me the price and it would mean half an hour soaking my nails in acetone to get the accumulated acrylic off. Four different manicurists took turns along the way. Kathy did the final honors, and she is an Artist. I will be going back there.

It took 2 hours which I expected. My fingers are still a bit wrinkled, also expected.

Home, Watched PTI. Streamed from 10-midnight. Lots of chatter, way too many trolls.

Plans for tomorrow:
Do the Nissan deal if the salesguy is working. Otherwise Wednesday.
Watch the final Dr. Who
Continue to look for jobs
Finish processing vacation photos
Start looking for calendar candidates

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