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Dilemma Day

So once again no contact from recruiters. This is getting old. I stayed home all day just in case. Crickets.

Up at 7:30. Finished processing the vacation photos and putting them on Flickr. Also put together a page of 94 calendar candidates and built a streaming slide show with it. At least two of the photos will be from San Diego. The cover will use this Pixel 3 image:

And this will be December:

Got a long overdue to-do item out of the way. Closed my Discover and Barclay card accounts. They both started charging way too much interest months ago, have not used them since.

Tivo activity was Long Lost Lives, PTI and the final Doctor Who episode. I would not be surprise  to hear Doctor Who is going away. Once again low budget sets, locations effects and videography killed it for me. The writing was slightly better but still not good. Directing was uneven. The plot was recycled, as was the villain. The chemistry between to Doctor and the three companions has deteriorated, partly due to the writers splitting the team in half for most of the episode. They haven't given Jodie a chance to be a proper Doctor, either. A full season and she is still struggling to remember things a proper Doctor would just pull out of the air. And a really tone deaf moral at the ending.

LLL almost had a newly found daughter refuse to meet her bio mom. But adopted mom made her change her mind and all was well.

Spent much time looking at Nissan's price calculator. And my IRA. Turns out I have enough liquid assets to transfer to my checking account the full price of the car plus the income tax hit, so I did. I already transferred from my brokerage to the bank enough for the lease downpayment. I'm thinking of buying for cash. But it's a big chunk of my nest egg. Dilemma. Will go to the dealership tomorrow (sales guy texted me) afternoon to work out the deal. Nissan Leaf SV with technology package. That's the mid-range version, with Nav, rear camera which I want and some other stuff I don't need. But no turn signal lights on the side mirrors. Bummer.

Plan A is to do the deal, drive the Ford home, empty it, return it to Ford, take my vanity plates, come back later by train to pick up the Leaf. Part of it depends on whether there is any penalty for paying off the balance.

Streamed for a couple of hours, not a lot of company but steady chatter.

Plans for tomorrow:
More Tivo

This one got a lot of votes on FB but needs more clean-up than my meager Photoshop skills can probably do.
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