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Lisa Lief + 2019 Calendar

Up at 7:30, managed to pry myself away from the tablet in 15 minutes. Worked on the calendar all morning, stopped at noon expecting to go to the Nissan dealership, but text from the salesguy said he had an appointment at 1, so come at 3:30. Then email changing that to 3:00. So, continued with the calendar.

The first thing was the cover, which was the only phone picture. Pixel 3 does a good job, but had to change the resolution from 72 to 300 and adjust the size. The printable size is only 11x8, not 8.5 like a 35mm camera.

One of my best covers. Can't tell what a fat brat he is.

Facebook "likes" helped me pick some of the other 12 photos. Did not have a usable dolphin shot, which bummed me out. But several shots came from San Diego, which was a major point of the trip.

I ran all the candidates through a Photoshop batch process which I created two years ago. It resizes the pictures to 3300 wide, then expands the canvas to 2550 high which creates a white strip at the bottom. After I select a photo it goes back into Photoshop, and I use the text tool to create a 2-line caption. First line is a title in Lucida Bright regular 40 pt and second line is the location in Lucida Calligraphy 30 pt. Save that in max size renamed to the month (001_January, 002_February,etc) so they appear in order - makes it easier to know which months are missing. I don't choose them in order. December and October were obvious, but I swapped a sunflare rose from January to November and chose a bleaker picture for January. The rose is a tribute to my late brother in law whose birthday was near mine in November.

Had four months to go when 2:30 rolled around, time to go to Redwood City. I was 10 minutes early despite some slow spots on 101. And the salesguy was late - he was wrapping u another sale, so I enjoyed their comfortable lounge till 3:30, and then 3:45, with salesguy dropping in from time to time to help nail down what the finances would be. Turned out buying the car for cash was not as good as the lease, because the lease has a built in electric car rebate which may or may not be given by the IRS if I buy the car. Bottom line was >$900 a month for the purchase (3 years at 0%) but <$400 for the lease. Buy the car after 3 years for $14,000 if I want. The Ford would cost $17,000. Done by 5:20, home by 5:50. Considered having dinner in Redwood City to avoid traffic, but at that time it would only be worse in an hour.

Finished the last of the calendar photos, then logged onto Printing Center USA which has an easy excellent calendar web app. Upload the photos, drag and drop them into the slots for each month, then switch to the dates half of the page and add Jewish and Thai holidays, get rid of Columbus Day, shorten the long version to the short version of MLK Jr. Day so there is room for the Jewish holiday on that date. Create a back page with thumbnails of the photos - they do that automagically.

Add the project to the shopping cart, tell it to print 50 no rush, ship UPS Ground, and pay with PayPal. Confirmation email says they should be here by January 7, which is kind of late but I knew it would be. Now I have to look up USPS rates which I think change 1/1/19 and buy whatever stamps I need. And print labels.

Watched PTI and FFed through the latest Oak Island. As usual, 1 hour of program jam packed with 30 seconds of new information.

Dinner was slices from the big smoked turkey leg and the rest of the veggies from the trout dinner. Mochi for dessert.

Streamed for an hour.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Redwood City Ford to let them know I'm bringing a car in
Take the charger off the carport wall and put it back under the front seat
RC Ford, drop off the car. Grab the license plates
Call Nissan for a shuttle ride
Nissan, claim the Leaf

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