Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Long Day, Missions accomplished

10 am, phoned Towne Ford in Redwood City to arrange returning my C-max which is nearing the end of the lease. Very rude sales associate insisted that I could only return it to the dealer I had leased it from. "It's in your lease". It isn't, and I had been told last week by the place I leased it from that any US Ford dealer would take it. I didn't want to argue - too much. Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

Called Capitol Ford where I'd leased it from, they were surprised to heard Towne's BS, but said to just bring it in any time. So I did.

I brought along my electric screwdriver with a newly charged battery, and removed my vanity plates first thing. But the battery was dead, so I had to twist it by hand.

Gave the nice man the key fobs, over to Finance to sign on an electronic pad a few times, they confirmed that there would be a bill for one final payment (I had a month left on the lease).

Half hour wait for the shuttle, got dropped off at light rail. Light rail to convention center, 20-minute wait for Winchester train to Caltrain. 45 minute wait for Caltrain, texted the salesguy I would arrive around 1:55, he replied he would meet me at the station.

He did, but he parked on the wrong side of the tracks and in a lot not belonging to the transit center. I was having a low blood sugar attack and it took me a while to find him.

At the dealership - pit stop, then bought a Snickers bar, and we did some paperwork. Got two key fobs, a very thick set of manuals and a heavy duty charging adapter & cable.

The ride home was fine, but I miss having bug eyes on the side view mirrors. The Leaf features smart side mirrors which light up an icon if there's a car in your blind spot. But it's just not the same. Cruise control worked great, it even automatically brakes if the car ahead suddenly slows. The lane keeper sucks -Highway 101 lanes are poorly marked, it confuses the Leaf. I love having a digital speedometer again.

After 20 minutes of driving, the car was still loading my USB music. The audio controls are too small and non-intuitively placed to figure out on the fly. Tomorrow I will spend time in the car with the manual. Something tells me that it doesn't do voice control of audio like the Ford. But I need to do more research on that.

It took half an hour to get the charger set up. It is HUGE and heavy and the cable is like for charging an aircraft carrier jet. Need to call an electrician about installing a 220V outlet.

The app is much slower than the Ford app, and so is charging via 110V.
Got the proof for the calendar, it looks like the bottoms of some captions may get cut off. But they charge 15% to make changes so I'll live with it.

Ordered stamps. $7 for overseas, $3.33 for Canada, $2.05 for domestic. Lots of $2 stamps... Cost almost as much as the print run.

Watched PTI and one episode of Mysteries at the Museum.

Dinner was hot dogs on rye with sauerkraut & dijon, macaroni and cream corn. Pickle chips on the side. Chocolate chip mint ice cream for dessert.

Streamed for a bit. All the trolls came out as I was leaving.

Finally set up my twitch stream to accept "cheer bits". Apparently that could mean a few pennies from Amazon.

Tried to set up an account for free quick charging, but it burped. Probably because I have an old account from the Ford [which I couldn't use because the service did not have the right connectors].

Plans for tomorrow:
Put the insurance form in the car. And the stuff for the glove box and the grocery divider thingie
Take some pix of the car
Spend some Quality Time in the Leaf with the manual
Phone the free charger folks
Check in with Janice
Other duties as assigned

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