Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quality Time

As planned, I spent a lot of time in the new car with the user's manual, setting up things on the Nav system, learning how to use the voice commands, loading the glove compartment and putting the grocery divider and stuff in the hatchback. Unlike the Ford, this car doesn't have a flap to hide what's in the hatchback. I need to see if they sell one.

Got my radio presets in, they make it easy with FM showing which stations are HD and 2nd and 3rd HD channels. Started the address book, it was a challenge to find the right Safeway, the map is not nearly as readable as the Ford's. Will test it out tomorrow on my trip to Starbucks.

The free charge card was a PIA to set up, I had to call them to get the old Ford account deleted but it still won't let me use my real email address. Need to find how to link my chargepoint card. Right now it's just EVGo.

Called my brokerage, they said the check went out Monday, and they won't do anything to look into it until 7 business days. Boo, hiss.

Somehow I managed to have an insulin reaction again today, as I was eating some sugar-free peanut butter while watching TV. Had to grab a Klondike bar to get near normal, and then made a chocolate soda (I'm out of milk).

Lunch was the last of the smoked turkey leg and cream corn.

Screwed the charger "gun" holster back in (I'd stolen one screw for the brick holder). May install a garden hose thingie to keep the cable off the ground.

Took the clippers and a rake to the mint section of the herb garden. Mint gets ugly in the winter, but grows back big and pretty and aromatic from the root system. Also cut back the big sage bush.

Watched some Mysteries at the Museum. No more PTI this year. Also watched some weather channel and Ancient Aliens.

Dinner was a bunch of tempura shrimp. Famous Amos for dessert.

Streamed for an hour+ - early this time. Lots of chatters. Peaked at 15 I think.

Plans for tomorrow:
1:30 coffee with Janice in MV
Safeway for milk, mochi and chocolate bars
Test the charger at Grocery Outlet (see if the card works)

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