Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boring stuff

Got to work early, decided to hit the PO at lunchtime instead of before work. Two calls in the queue, both of them with follow-up notes saying the customer found their error themselves and fixed it.

Lunchtime, PO, picked up the last in a series of star sapphires bought on eBay from a Thai place. I'd caught this seller faking his photos, and he quickly gave me a refund, so I decided to not withhold payment for a subsequent stone. Another fake photo, and though the star in this gem is weak, it's a nice color and worth more than I paid, so I'll just keep it and not buy anything else from this guy.

From there to AAA, where all they could give me for free was a lame UK map, not nearly up to their standards. They offered e Europe tour book for $7, which should have been free, and all it had was info on London, York, Oxford and Edinburgh. Passed on that. Lunch at Sizzler's. Salad bar is still good enough for me.

Stopped off at Pet Club for some cat & fish stuff.

Found the Wizard of Oz DVD at work, I knew I had made one. I still may re-encode from the tape, depends on the quality of the DVD.

No plans for tonight. Maybe will crop the sapphire pics and think about how to load up a spreadsheet to sell them on eBay.

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