Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Up And Atom

Went to Home Depot ISO something to hide the small chips in the bathroom sink which look like they are rusting. Did not see anything on the shelf, so I asked the paint department guy. The were out of the white, just had beige and black. Wasted trip.

Went home & ordered some online.

Did some job hunting online, found something at Amazon but their login page is broken, even after I created a new password it would not let me on. Also saw something on LinkedIn. The only one from my former contract agency was at Google.

The check from the broker arrived, so I used the transfer from my IRA to pay off the credit card I'd used for the downpayment on the car. Will deposit the check tomorrow and put most of the spare cash in a mutual fund, probably. Or savings. Or both.

Rent bill arrived, I have all week to deal with that.

Yesterday I programmed the Pear Ave Starbucks and my favorite Great Clips/Safeway into the car's nav system. Used them both. Coffee with Janice, then a haircut, then the 4 items on my shopping list somehow became $100 worth of stuff. Lots of egg nog. I was raised with virgin egg nog, did not even know people put booze in it till I was in college, and thought it ruined the taste.

Grocery Outlet - planning to use the quick charger there on the car, but my card was refused. So I went home.

Called the EVGo people, they had no clue, but took down my info and said they would look into it. I think what happened is I have another card on the way, they may have canceled the first one. EZ-card's web site it a mess. So is their customer service.

Home, plugged in the car, carried 4 bags of groc inside, and the mail.

Research shows the hatchback cover is "available" - for $300. Boo hiss.

Played online, watched Below Deck on Tivo - it has become an orgy. Looks like the next episode will have major drama as they fire yet another crazy stewardess. And it looks like the wimpy chef is going to be stalked by the massive wife of the [presumed] mafia boss.

Streamed for 90 minutes, had some interesting conversations. Could have gone till midnight but wanted to write on LJ.

One of the items I bought at Safeway was huge navel oranges. Four of them. Sliced one up and ate it, reminded me of a time I was in the hospital in Haad Yai, and one of the UN reps brought me oranges. They helped revive me. They still have that effect.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch some football
Find more items to record on Tivo
See if my Netflix account still works
Maybe drive the car some more. 

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