Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Many words Tonight

Up at the crack of 10.

Hgl was 110 - pretty good for me.

Grapes for breakfast
Pizza for lunch
Egg nog for no apparent reason
Safeway grab and go Chef's Salad for diner and a piece of black forest cake for dessert.

To avoid TMI let's just say it was a 3 Immodium day.

Drove to the ATM and deposited the brokerage check. When it clears I'll transfer it to savings, or maybe back into the non-IRA part of the brokerage account.

Read about the buttons on the rear view mirror. They are for anti-glare and automatic day/night mode.

Watched the 49ers not win a game they could have. Watched the first half of the Seahawks game. Also watched my latest Mysteries at the Museum.

Took out the garbage. Tried to reposition the car charger holder so the cable wasn't bending, but couldn't drill where I wanted to put it. The wall is too solid. May need a diamond drill. Titanium was not enough.

Plans for tomorrow:
None, really. Maybe BB&B.

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