Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

No Plans

So part of the plan was to got to BB&B and get some more sodastream syrups. But then I realized that this is the worst day of the year to go shopping, especially in a store which is literally wall to wall gift ideas.

So I stayed home.

It was an ugly chilly day anyway. One highlight was being there each time a garbage truck came by. I had three bins out. The garden clippings one was collected firs, then an hour or so later the garbage, and in the afternoon the recycled stuff.

When I went for the last bin it rained hard, but stopped when I got inside. But it rained a few more times, so I cracked open one of the livingroom windows, and Spot parked his nose there, fascinated with the rain.

I charged the car.

My Netflix tester account still works. I found an X rated film from Europe chock full of full frontal nudity of both sexes. And watched the first episode of their Lost in Space TV show. I do not like what they did with the robot, or with Will. Or how they introduced Dr. Smith. And it took forever to get to the end of the episode. The flashbacks also detracted, I think. Better writers would reveal those character traits during the episodes. Love the costumes. May or may not watch more.

Tuned into the tivo recording of tonight's Raiders game. They were way ahead when I paused it late in the 3rd quarter to start streaming. Stream was pretty quiet, 6 people max, only 3 ever chatted.

Lunch was lox & swiss & muenster &cream cheese on a croissant. Dinner was battered fish fillets and clam strips. Tillamook mint chip for dessert.

Plunked out tunes on the piano a bit.

Will FF through the game after this.

Lots of deliveries. Cat treats, Roomba brushes, stamps for the calendar mailings.

Checked the front doorbell because it never rang, one delivery person knocked. Replaced the battery in the button, but no change. Got on the ladder and took down the bell unit. Replaced 3 C cells and that fixed it. Both doors have working buttons now.

Edit add:
I forgot the most important item.  Howie Miller died. Howie directed the 2008 Saratoga group's Man of La Mancha. We were pretty close friends from 2000 till last year, when I wouldn't tell him for whom I was voting. He took it to mean I was voting for Trump, when I simply respect the concept of a private vote. But he blocked me on Facebook and never talked to me again. The annoncement came from his closest friend, who had played Sancho in MOLM. It had not come from his husband, which knd of surprised me until I realized his husband was not a FB friend either.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay home
Watch football

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