Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bombarded by green and red

I really hate this day.
Another day off without pay. Looks like no action will happen till 2019.

Today's project went like this:
Print the address labels for the calendar mailing
Print return address labels (I had some, not enough)
Print "first class" labels (I had some, probably not enough)
Print the copyright notice on gold foil return address labels (I had enough but they were from 2017)

Sit down at the work table and slap an address label, a return address label, a first class label and the appropriate stamps on each envelope. 36 of them. It took a while. And I discovered that USPS had doubled the order for $2 stamps. Not hard to do on their web site.

The calendars are not due till the first week in January, maybe as late as the 7th. When they arrive I will slap a copyright label on the back of each one, slip one into an envelope and weigh it at the PO to make sure it's <=6oz. because if it's not I'll need to add postage to all of them.

Breakfast was my last banana and a pair of fig bars. Lunch was Korean beef and American mixed veggies. Dinner was a whole trout defrosted and then pan fried with mushrooms, green sweet pepper, garlic, mint and oregano.

It was really good.

In cat news, Spook is still pooping next to the cat tree in the kitchen. But she comes down from the cat tree when I'm in the kitchen and will eat her treats. Spot is learning to walk away when I'm there. Meanwhile he has been on top of the recliner as I watch TV, and tries to climb up my leg when I'm in the office streaming. Had a good stream today, lots of chat. One storm chaser fan showed up.

Due to nothing being open I stayed home all day.

Did two loads of laundry and one dishwasher load.

Yesterday I solved the mystery of the USB music rive in the car. 64GB drive needed some special handling to be formatted in FAT32. Then almost all my music fit. The car read it okay, but I think it is still figuring out the folder tree. Did not try to voice command a tune to play - maybe tomorrow.

EVgo has an app I can use for charging, will try that tomorrow, after shopping. It accepted my login an it shows I'm signed up for the free program.

Figured out how to stop the wireless Pixel charger from displaying my photos. There's a separate switch only available while the phone is on the charger. Now it seems to work - just shows the clock.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe will get a call from the almost-local Nissan dealer to pick up the hatchback cover I ordered.
Maybe a recruiter will get back to work, but I doubt it.

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