Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Some Closure

In the mail today was my Nissan account number, which opened the way to setting up auto payments, and also got the phone app working.

Also delivered was a set of the classic SodaStream bottles, which are the only ones which have consistently held the fizz, and they are color coded so I can tell cola from root beer. Three bottles, I will retire the "new" bottles which leak. Also, the big CO2 cannister finally ran out, so the awkward dispenser has been set aside and the smaller, easier one is back in place. I'll have to see if I can get a refund for the big empty cannister. I already have 2 small cannisters.

Watched some bowl games, and also one son of a storm chaser who was streaming his ride from his parental units' house in Illinois to his home in FL. He got just past Atlanta before he stopped streaming.  Also watched a guy metal detecting, and later he hosted a marbles game.

Got email from one of my regulars saying he was sorry I have stopped streaming, he enjoyed the chat sessions.

4:45 off to MV and chatted with Janice for about an hour and a half. Our favorite Starbucks has changed staff, and not for the better. Next week I'll suggest we try a different place.

Home, watched much of the Alabama rout of Oklahoma. Clemson won earlier in the day. They will play a week from Monday here at Levi's Stadium. I'm guessing neither team will have a huge number of fans at the game.

Need to get my nails done. Will call tomorrow to see if they are open.

Lunch was a brunch-like croissant with goat cream cheese on a croissant, with lox, bacon on the side. And a hard boiled egg, except they didn't come out well this time, so it was messy.

For dinner, thawed some chicken soup and matzo balls. Chocolate and mint chip ice cream for dessert. Light egg nog chaser.
Plans for tomorrow:
NFL football

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