Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Ups and Downs

Lots of health foo today. I made a 2 pm appointment to have my nails done at the new place, this time with no traffic I was 45 minutes early so I took a short walk a couple of blocks to a bench on the sidewalk, and as soon as I sat down I seriously needed a restroom. There was a legit massage place there, they let me use their facilities, which averted a major disaster. Erie, though, because the restroom was all the way at the back, and there were rows of massage tables in the dark and a couple of people on them being rubbed.

Still plenty of time, and this area has a lot of Ingress portals, but I had not installed the game on my Pixel phone. It should have transfered over, but didn't.

Got a new manicurist this time, she looked more Chinese than Vietnamese, and had moved here from Boise. I'm guessing the Mormons sponsored her immigration, and started her English lessons. She did a good job. About 45 minutes in there is a time to get up and wash my hands, and it prompted a major dizzy spell. Low BP does that, exacerbated by a diabetes condition which doesn't equalize correctly.

Home, there was a lot of garbage to take out, since I was home all week.

Measured my BP, it was actually a wee bit high, sitting down.

Since Spook was still pooping on the floor by the cat tree, I made some major moves. The livingroom litterbox is now between the cat tree and the kitchen table, the table has been moved a foot to the left, the rubber pad under the water fountain has been removed - it smelled strongly of cat pee - and Swiffer applied generously to the area. The water fountain is a foot to the left, and the food tower has been replaced by the food dispenser. I need to check at 1 am to make sure the dispenser is dispensing.

Spook has come down to ground level for treats twice today, which is a WIN. Spot shows up, but sees Spook and retreats.

Lunch was corn dogs, dinner (pizza) was early - and while I was eating it I went into a low blood sugar episode and had to treat it with chocolate ice cream and honey & walnuts. And it knocked me on my butt. I almost fell off the chair in front of the PC, I was so sleepy.

So I took a nap. Woke up at 9, went outside and unplugged the car.

Back inside, FFed through the Sunday Night football game. Those announcers are sooooo annoying. They never shut up. The networks seriously need to hire TV announcers, and get rid of these radio era schriers. 

Hungry again, had two bowls of ramen (just the ramen, none of the soup) the second one with some pieces of roast pork. And a tangerine.

Plans for tomorrow:
None, really. Maybe a NYE party will pop up. But probably not. There will be egg nog, but not the traditional pigs in blankets.

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