Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Early posting because ho hum

Once again I didn't leave the house, except for a couple of short fresh air breaks on the very chilly porch.

Didn't get out of bed till 10:30, which is not good because by then my overnight insulin has worn off and my morning Hgl is way high.

2 pm - Watched a little of the Rose Bowl, then switched to my last Tivo - Mysteries at the Museum before going back to the Tivo recording of the game in progress. Ohio State was beating the crap out of the UW by halftime so I stopped watching and spent time here and on Facebook.

Lunch was a beef teriyaki steamer which had been in the freezer a long time - it had been damaged, the plastic film had been ripped - something the paper cover hid. It came out okay. Mochi and pistachios for dessert.

About a minute left in the game, I went back to Tivo and FFed to real time, pausing for the halftime show which they showed almost in its entirety, both bands** - and was surprised to see the Huskies trying an on-side kick, and they had come back fiercely. The kick was a total FAIL, and they lost the game. But they figured out Ohio State, pwned them in the 4th quarter.

**The Husky Band was an embarrassment. Way too many people - apparently they added about 100 from when I was in it. And they were playing without music, which also meant the routines had to be simple enough to memorize. It was a series of concert formations, and the theme was Broadway show tunes, which was LAME, especially since one of the tunes was Oklahoma.

The alumni band would have done better.

What I wore all day...

So anyway, now the OSU coach is Suburban Meyers.

To pass the time before dinner, I whipped up an apple/peach cobbler, but it did not turn out as well as it should have because I made the mistake of melting the butter in the pan too long, and not waiting for the pan to cool before adding the batter. So the batter partially cooked before the fruit was added, and that made the upside down effect not quite happen.

I have enough ingredients to try again. Maybe tomorrow. 

Dinner was the last 2 slices of pizza from the freezer, and a root beer float.

It's pretty quiet online, I think all the bowl games are over. I should do some reading.

Spot has been a brat today, but Spook has been ignoring him pretty well, coming to ground level for treats.

Went to CalJobs and updated my resume. Funky interface, it added my new resume to the one on file, which made a mess.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hopefully there will be a call from the electrician about the car charger
Calendars may arrive, but probably not till the 7th.
There may be recruiter calls/email, or not till the 7th.
I should grind up the oregano which is in the freezer still on the branch.
Twitch ought to be more active
Check CalJobs to see if I am qualified for unemployment insurance.

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