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One Day More

Took out the mail/gem scale and weighed a 2018 calendar and envelope, and it is only 5.3 oz. I was worried it would be above 6. So no worries, I have the right postage on them.

Had an impulse craving for fries. Posted on FB asking for favorites, and it turned into a McDonald's vs In-n-Out debate. I posted because the last time I had fries it was at In-n-Out and they were awful. So around 12:30 I got in my Chariot and went to the nearest McD's, parked because the drive-thru was backed up, and inside was the worst cashier ever. Middle aged Pakistani, couldn't hardly hear him. I started off with a chocolate shake, but he pointed behind him to the skeletal remains of a machine. No shakes. Big Mac he understood, three orders of fries he repeated after me saying it about 5 times, but the order arrived with only one fries pack. He had only billed me for one, so I ordered the two more. They came right away - the person putting together the orders had heard me the first time.

Drove home, the fries were already cold & soggy. FAIL. Part of the problem it turns out is that McD's is closing, and moving across the street and advertising for staff. They would not be advertising for staff for an across the street move unless they were laying some of the existing Pakistanis off. Actually all the rest of the staff were Hispanic, and appeared to be working their butts off. Like they still had a job after the move. They definitely need a new manager.

But I think I need to do more research.There's a Burger King and a Wendy's on that block. On the way home I almost stopped for KFC, but that's a job better left for a Sunday special.

So that was lunch, with some cobbler for dessert.

Breakfast was my usual banana and egg.

UPS confirmed the calendars were due by 6:30 pm Friday. Tomorrow. Somehow for much of the day I thought today was Friday. Drove me crazy.

Played on FB, watched a couple of storm chasers on Twitch.

Spook spent the day mostly lying on the rug in front of the sofa, with Spot lying a few feet away. Spook attacked Spot a few times when he got too close. She also came into the kitchen for treats and used the cat tree a little.

Dinner was Safeway supreme pizza, not nearly as good as the all-meat. I put Kraft singles mozzarella slices on it, they taste awful.

Watched PTI with Spot snoring on my lap. Earlier had watched another pair of totally content-free Oak Island episodes. On a rumor that a 90-foot-tall inscribed stone from the island had once been on display in the window of a book bindery as an advertisement for an Oak Island expedition financial scheme, three of the treasure hunters went there (Halifax) and found a big rock in a crawl space and brought it back to the island. I nearly fell out of my seat laughing. First of all the rock was only about 4 feet by 2 feet, and secondly it was free of any inscriptions. Also, there is no way the original had been 90 feet, maybe 90 lbs.

Spot stuck around for the latest Doctor Who, slept right through it. Once again, cheap sets, recycled special effects, though they did have a couple of new ones (still cheap, but new), and the acting by and large is still holding up, except for Jodie, who really still hasn't got the hang of being The Doctor. Partly bad script writing, partly bad directing and partly she hasn't turned out to be one of the better Doctors. Emma Watson would have been a good choice, except she's been making the big bucks in movies lately. When they announced a woman Doctor I was hoping it would be Freema Agyeman, who played 10's companion Martha. She's been doing TV dramas lately, it wouldn't be out of the question to have nabbed her.

MTV has yet another couples show - exes by the beach. I turned it off when it was clear the women all had butts the size of New Jersey, and were there because the producer has a thing for silicone.

I called EvGo, the nice lady said that she would have the techs check why I only got a level 2 charge - she was able to look it up and see that after 30 minutes it only charged to 90%. She suggested there may be a setting on the car to enable DC charging, but Nissan's site says as long as I use the big connector it should be automatic.

Got email from a recruiter I had been working with before the holler daze. Where we had left it was he was going to send me a full job description so I could see if they were really looking for a manual tester and not a coder. He sent that today, it was iffy - they want a coder if they can get one, but might settle for an experienced manual tester. I sent my resume and phone # and we'll see where it goes. It's at Samsung in Mountain View, but next to the Sunnyvale golf course. Close to home but as usual no good way to get there during rush hour. Much shorter commute than Google.

No deliveries, in the mail was something from Nissan telling me how to connect my car to Alexa, but it doesn't really work because it needs me to first use the Nissan app to download the data. The Ford pushed that to my app by itself.

Plans for tomorrow:
Starbucks Mercado? Lots of eye candy, not lots of seating. Bring the tablet.
Slap © labels on the backs of the calendars, stuff envelopes and make a PO run. After hours is fine, they go first class via the lobby mail slots

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