Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Whew! All sorts of things off my plate today

Thing the first: car charger installers emailed confirming my suspicion that my house can't handle another 220V line. So Plan B - went to Home Depot and bought a set of cobalt drill bits to drill pilot holes to mount the trickle charger lower on the wall. Also got some Easy Off because the oven hasn't been cleaned in 5 years and things were growing on the bottom plate.

Home, heated the oven to 200° and sprayed it. Fumes! Lots of fumes. Turned on the fan, and stood back. Closed the door and let it set for 10 minutes.

Outside, tried to drill holes in the outside wall, but whatever that stuff is made of even cobalt drills won't make more than a dent.

Inside, turned off the oven. Watched some mindless MTV.

Outside, used new screws to mount the holder as far down as it would go on the wooden bar. Got about 6" more space so the cable doesn't get bent. Thing done.

Got the mail - $27 refund from my auto insurance. A cute fridge magnet calendar from the realtor with 12 easy recipes - some of them look do-able.

Inside, sponged the gunk out of the oven. It took about an hour and a lot of sponge-rinse-repeats. I needed a bigger sponge. Had to take the oven door off to get to the back panel. Thing done. Still need to fire it up to 450° to burn off whatever residue is left.

1:30 got online to follow my favorite storm chaser & his chat group. No lunch so I grabbed some PNB on a big spoon. Twice.

Late lunch, spaghetti & meatballs frozen meal. Watched PTI.

UPS sent me an interactive map to track the calendar delivery, but it was a tease - showed the truck across the street from me, then way the heck on the other side of the freeways. It lied - delivery at about 3:30, I met him at the front door.

Thing the third: slapped © labels on all the calendars, 50 this run, stuffed 30+ envelopes. Put one up in the office and another in the kitchen. Set one aside for Janice, I'll see her this weekend. Also set one aside for maurinestarkey hope she's at BASFA on Monday. I may put one up for auction, but probably not. The bids never get close to the cost.

Watched The Orville. This was the transgender/porn addiction/Sophie's Choice episode. The writing is pretty good, and watching the excellent production values made me even more disappointed in the crap which passes for Doctor Who this season. None of The Orville was shot in the dark, not even the cave rescue scene.

Dinner was my last Costco lamb shank on rice. Worth the high price, almost worth Costco checkout foo.

Watched the last thing on Tivo - Mysteries at the Museum. Good ones, but all bait and switch. Their deal seems to be to come up with good stories, and then cast around for something in a museum which is tangentially related.

Spook has been out in the livingroom a lot today, Spot has re-discovered the sofa. They spent a lot of time staring at each other.

Eventually Spot was on the sofa or on my lap and Spook was on the other side of the room grooming herself. Spot is still being a brat, but Spook is getting braver.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am community monthly birthday party. It doesn't have to be your birthday.
NCAA championship will have the roads to Mercado blocked off, so no Starbucks eye candy
Sit on the porch and watch the rain.

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