Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Last Things First

Clemson crushed Alabama. Yay!
The Clemson coach gave all the credit to Jesus Christ his Lord. Gag me. Alabama's QB had Jesus crosses on his cheeks instead of black anti-glare paint. Gag me again.

I watched the first two scores in real time, they were one on top of another, one for each team. I paused Tivo because it looked like this was going to be a game where whoever has the ball last wins.

Took to my bed, read some sci-fi from Writers of the Future, took a nap and then got up around 7:30, made dinner (Digiorno personal pizza) and watched the rest of the game on 1FF so I could see the action and not have to listen to the screeching from the booth bozoids who had arrived fully expecting the opposite result. Clemson had it pretty much put away at halftime, but One Never Knows™, so they clamped down even harder in the second half, not allowing any more 'Bama scoring, and pouring on points themselves.
I started the morning re-tooling my resume so it clearly showed which contract agencies I had worked for and at which company the work had been done. Only went 10 years into the past, at the suggestion of one of my last recruiters. Posted that on Monster.com which I had stopped using because I was getting too many idiot Indian recruiters pitching jobs which did not apply to me. Found a couple of jobs to apply for, and only got two idiot calls/email messages.

Need to update the resume on Dice, LinkedIn and Indeed. Especially Dice, since they are mostly contract jobs.

AG phoned at 8:30 as he usually does, and invited me to lunch. But his boss pulled a meeting on him, so we'll lunch tomorrow.

Lunch ended up being chicken soup. Very late because at 1:30-2:30 I was following my favorite storm chaser and then there was a marbles game with someone else I follow on Twitch.

Stripped the bed and laundered the sheets & pillow cases, made the bed with bright orange cotton sheets instead of dark microfiber. Spot helped by burrowing under the comforter. He didn't want to leave.

Did not go to basfa, it's still too wet out there. And there was the football game.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lunch at Amazon with AG
Continue the job hunt
Maybe plug the car in at Grocery Outlet. I have about half an hour's shopping to do there.

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