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A river in Egypt

We're all getting old, but I'm in denial.
Today calendars arrived all over the country, the email messages and FB posts have been coming in. UK should be soon, Canada, well, who knows?

Went to Amazon for lunch with AG. He got his calendar yesterday, and said his son knew what it was before they opened the envelope. Amazon's food service is better laid out than Google's, but it's expensive. $8 for a tiny portion of low quality beef. Ordering was a PIA because there were about 8 stations, and each one had a non-intuitive name, and only one or two items available. You had to flip through each station's menu on the kiosk to find out what was available. No desserts. No soft drinks.

Caught up with AG, but we chat on the phone most weeks, so not much catching up to do.

Back home, not much online but did manage to get two phone interviews scheduled. One for tomorrow, one for Friday. And one more job applied for.

Went to GO before dinner but the car chargers were both occupied. One car was done charging but the plug wouldn't unhook, so I went to Boardwalk and got a chocolate shake, then drove back home.

Dinner was ha gow and baked pork buns. Mint chip ice cream.

Another try at GO, and it took three attempts to get the charger going. It looked like a fast charge, but after half an hour of shopping, it only had gotten from a 75% charge to 93%. Fast DC is supposed to only take half an hour for a full charge from empty. I'll have to talk to my sales rep about that. Maybe I have it wrong. If so, then the Leaf is not going to be taking me on trips > 75 miles.

Bought some of the usual items, no chocolate mochi so I got mango and green tea. Bananas and halos. They were out of green grapes, the strawberries were not ripe and the basil plants were dying. No Famous Amos either. For some unknown reason I bought a can of Foster's beer. Not completely unknown - I was remembering that I was not always allergic to beer. Had plenty of Singh beer in Thailand, and Fosters was advertised as similar. I might be able to get Singh at Ranch99. But it would be toned down for US regulations.

Watched two episodes of PTI - especially good with the NFL playoffs and the before and after of the NCAA championship. Started on the premier of The Bachelor. Got through the first hour. To be continued. Lots of other things on Tivo tonight. Praise Jesus that the holidays are over.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone interview
More job hunt online
1:30 storm chasers on Twitch
Try that beer
7 pm Sunnyvale update meeting

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