Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Well that was weird

First calendar item this morning was a call from a recruiter whose phone number was in Germany. Indian guy. Once again, with a list of canned answers he expected from some very vague questions, and he kept saying my answers were not the ones on his list. But not in so many words. I  hate when they do that. Not going to get any further with that opportunity because stupid recruiting company.

Watched the rest of The Bachelor, which was artificially expanded by two hours by showing parties in three locations, and interviewing several of the random attendees. There were at least three marriage proposals/acceptances. One party featured a hot tub with very pretty bodies dancing in it.

They did show all 30 contestants arriving and being greeted by the Bachelor (Colt). And how he did not get a chance to talk to all 30 individually because one particularly annoying botox-lipped wide-bottomed bleached blonde kept interrupting his conversations because she didn't think she had been given enough time (she had - all 5 times). Of course she got a rose - she was the last one. Scripted. They need at least one annoying one. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the diversity of the ones who got to stay, but one of the ones who was sent home deserved to stay more than the annoying one.

I expect the woman in gold who was given the first impression rose will be the winner. He kissed her and two or three other women, which surprised me. His initiative, not theirs. 

GO shopping yesterday included a dozen eggs, because they were out of hard boiled ones, and I made the mistake of following a recipe to steam them.  Total disaster. I wish there was a way to salvage un-peelable HB eggs. I hate to throw away food, but I think these are going into the table scraps bin.

Lunch was a Saffron Road ginger salmon meal. Pretty good. Mango mochi for dessert. Watched a new show similar to Long Lost Lives which showed two Batista era Cuban refugees in search of people who helped them way back when. One was flown in and adopted for a year by a foster family, and he went back to that house but it had been sold. The local priest helped him find his foster mom and siblings. The other guy was a boat person, and he was looking for the captain of the boat. He found the boat and someone who had worked for that captain, but cap was dead. He did get to meet cap's children.

Online with my favorite storm chaser team, just chat because no storms. And a marbles game with another streamer. And one guy who is celebrating his birthday in Bangkok streamed from a club where I also follow a DJ there. She invited him into the booth. So she was on both streams. Also followed a bounty hunter for a while, but he and his partner were just driving between bail bond places and courts doing paperwork.

6:30, drove to Sunnyvale Toyota where there was a meeting of a pro-development citizen group being given a presentation by the real estate company which has finally made the investments to revamp the dead town center. They bought the Macy's building and most of the land around it and are going to tear it down, build apartments and small retail and underground parking. In other words, they will be making a mess for another 5 years. Apartments will rent for around $4500 a month. Obscene. The subsidized low income apartments will only be 12% of the total, going for $2000 a month or so. Based on an $80k income for a family of  three. Insane. But I like that there will be a new AMC theater and a Whole Foods, and they have already built a park and pedestrian path from Murphy Ave - which is the real heart of the city.

After the presentation the meeting devolved into a very disjointed club meeting, where the club was voting on a proposal to tell the regional housing administration we don't want them interfering. This was made stupider by the ex-mayor (now just a city councilman) going on and on about how Sunnyvale has been dong better than most cities in complying with state housing targets, so we should be left alone. He was so full of it. Sunnyvale's housing is a mess, they keep approving huge Amazon and Google buildings without any nearby housing. And my neighborhood went from zero to wall to wall condos in 5 years. Traffic is horrible. And so on. The group voted 20-1 to approve the "hands off" message. Idiots.

Home, dinner was tempura shrimp and the last 3 egg rolls. Mango mochi and pineapple upside-down cake for dessert.

Watched PTI and Below Deck.

Plans for tomorrow:
More job hunting
If it isn't raining too hard, take a drive.
ATM - deposit a check
Lucky's - HB eggs. Maybe chocolate cake (or bake one)


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