Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy morning ZZZZ afternoon

Did not want to get out of bed at 7:30. So I didn't. Spot was under the bed snoring.

Hgl level was okay, also lost 0.2 lbs overnight

Had a productive series of calls/email from a consulting company, offering $85k/yr for a manual test position at Google as a vendor - not a contractor, so I can do that. The tech screen was good - he asked intelligent questions which were directly related to the job. This one is for testing mobile phone apps, a different group than I had worked for.

Watched another episode of the long lost knockoff. We'll Meet Again. This time it was women's rights heroines. A woman who almost died in a hunger strike for the ERA in Illinois looking for the woman who inspired the strike (and also almost died). The first woman to pilot a transatlantic jumbo jet, looking for the woman airline captain for whom she was co-pilot once, who inspired her to keep bucking the old boys pilot school. These don't move along as smoothly as Long Lost Lives, not as well written, edited or hosted. But still worth recording.

Oak Island continues to be all BS. Graham Norton was the NYE show, it was not one of the better ones. PTI as usual...

Lunch early, made an omelet with oregano from the garden, minced garlic, butter, bacon cut into bits, 2 jumbo eggs, milk, American and Swiss cheses. Upside down cake for dessert. Egg cream somewhere in there.

Watched my favorite streamers. Bored enough to consider streaming the marbles game, but didn't.

My NY Lawyer cousin emailed that he found unclaimed money for our mutual grandmother, and is looking into claiming it. Some insurance thing. Trouble is she didn't leave a formal estate, so he has to create one.  It probably won't be enough $ split 6 ways to be worth it, but we won't know till he makes a successful claim. Unlike CA, NY doesn't list the amounts.

7:30 drove to Lucky, got HB eggs and a bunch of other stuff. Walked to KFC and their $20 bucket was $30 after tax because the manager decided to add a cake (which I did not want) to the package.

Home, put stuff away. Dinner was KFC - mashed, cole slaw, original (they were out of extra crispy), gravy, biscuit. Spook came out from behind the TV set and I thought she would follow me into the kitchen for treats, but she wanted KFC. I kept tossing her pieces of white meat and she kept eating them. Spot wanted some but she growled at him and he slunk away. 5 or 6 times. So that's two people foods she likes - lobster is the other.

Watched a Nova show on quantum physics becoming the new reality. I don't buy it.

Plans for tomorrow:
11:30 phone interview. This one is mostly for practice - tech support of a camera computer.
More job hunting
Expecting rain, probably will stay inside

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