Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Love my Sony headphones

I spent way too much $$ a couple of years ago on Sony noise-canceling bluetooth headphones. This past week they have come in handy for the many recruiter calls & phone interviews. Much better than holding the phone up to my ear. Also easier to hear with.

This morning there was a call from a recruiter who had a lot of questions, and at 11:30 was an in-depth phone screen for a work-from-home support job for a device which controls all kinds of things on a DSLR camera. Both ought to result in follow-up calls next week. The camera gadget is called Arsenal, and I almost bought one through their kickstarter a few months ago, but decided it was overkill for me - it's more designed for commercial photographers and perfectionists. But it would be cool to have one. There is also irony in having an all-electric car but no commute.

The morning call was for a company I'm not interested in, they need QA for their web site, they are all about providing services for accounting companies. It pays well, though. Arsenal didn't mention a pay rate, but it's an FTE job.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. Nothing new to apply for. That job which was pulled out from under me sent me spam looking for applicants. They have been posting it several times a day on the various sites. I'm not surprised they can't find applicants. There were two cool jobs emailed to me, but one is in Livermore and the other in SF. Arsenal also offered me the chance to apply for a QA job, but I'd have to move to Bozeman, MT. No thanks.

Breakfast was a banana and an HB egg. Lunch was KFC, mango mochi for dessert.

Watched the usual streamers. Also one guy in Kansas who is relatively new, following snow plows & sanders. And the bounty hunter near St. Louis was being snowed on.

Dinner was the last of the duck & roast pork, a corn dog, rice & some KFC cole slaw. Disappointed that they switched from shredded to chopped slaw. Black forest cake for dessert.

I'm sipping on Silk soy egg nog. It's almost as thin as water but they have the taste 90% right. A slight after-taste.

Took a nap at 2:30, woke up in an hour or so. Went looking for the cats. Spot was asleep in my recliner, but Spook wasn't in her usual places. Found her in the bedroom under the linen rack. She hasn't been there in ages. Interesting that she kept me company during my nap.

Surfed between Animal Planet [vet programs] and TWC for a couple of hours.

Tivo time - Watched PTI and The Orville. No Place Like Home episode, the mean father was played by the mean doctor from Star Trek Voyager. No matter what character he plays (and he has hundreds of credits for various TV shows) he comes across as mean. Even when his character is trying to be nice. Robert Picardo. [Spoiler (click to open)]I am very sad to see the very lovely and talented Halston Sage written out of the show. She has a movie in post-production, maybe that's why.. Once again, these are the production values I expected from Doctor Who but am not getting. I think they went too far with the horror aspect, the bad guy was way too cruel for a family show.

To be done tonight: Build a spreadsheet to track which jobs are at which stages.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe it will rain. It only barely did today. 
Probably no jobs to hunt
Play the piano
Watch football

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