Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Football, Snow & Cats

Got up with the alarm, even though I didn't have to. Spot spent the half hour before alarm time purring at my head. Spook was back in the living room behind the TV.

Did two loads of laundry - jeans & shirts. Saturday is change jeans day. Lately every other week.

Banana & egg breakfast. Watched storm chasers in the snow - started with 4 then went down to none. Saw some major wrecks. Bounty hunter was also in the snow.

The KC/Colts game was on Tivo so I was able to enjoy it without commercials. Good game, but luck was not with Luck. Watched the first episode of a new Animal Planet show, The Hendersons, which follows a vet practice where dad and two sons are vets. This was a get to meet the whole family episode, not a lot of veterenarzing. Switched between that and the Rams/Dallas game. Rams tried to give it away in the last 4 minutes but held on. The score made them look better than they were.

Lunch was a teriyaki steamer, and dinner was a lot of small fish sticks and some tempura shrimp with KFC cole slaw. Chocolate cake for dessert.

No recruiter calls, no new job listings to apply for.

Delivered was a 3-pack of litterbox cartridges. I should swap 2 of those out tomorrow.

Watched one episode of Mysteries at the Museum.

Lots of time on FB. Before and after pic created:

Not much difference.

Arsenal interviewer asked if I was familiar with focus stacking, so I took a bunch of Corona Beach photos which lent themselves to that, and now I know. Here's one:

Taken from three almost identical shots, stacked.

Ran the Roomba. Once again it got stuck on the sheepskin rug.

Moved some furniture to run the old Hoover steam cleaner over where Spook had been litterboxing sans litterbox, but the machine is broken. The lever on the handle no longer pulls the trigger to release the cleaner fluid. Probably not worth fixing, will look for something less gargantuan online.

Spook is now hiding under the kitchen table on one of the chairs and Spot is in her place atop the kitchen tree. She had been in the livingroom in plain sight grooming herself as I watched TV. There were cat fights today.

Got an amusing shot of the Google Cloud building doing what the sign says

Plans for tomorrow:
water the indoor plants 


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