Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two Good Newses

Three actually - the Saints came from behind to kick the last bird out of the Superbowl. If only the Chargers had shown up for their game.

Arsenal scheduled a phone interview with the hiring manager for Tuesday morning.

Someone wants to adopt Spot. I talked to her on the phone this evening, I'll bring him to the local Petco tomorrow afternoon for a meet & greet.

There was a lot of snowstorm chasing activity on Twitch. I was up at 6:30 watching - could not get back to sleep after a 3:30 pit stop. Spot kept me company, sleeping in the platform bed next to my bed.

It was a lazy day. PC is still doing it's full 4TB backup. Have to leave the computer on when I go to bed. 10:30 only 90% done. Started at 6:30 am

One thing about the Leaf, I don't have to plug it in every night like the Ford. It has plenty of battery.

Had some free time before going to MV to meet Janice, so I got the clippers out and groomed the flower bed by the mailboxes - it was overgrowing the neighbor's side. Turned out to be a huge snarled mess, so now nothing is left except the base of two plants, the area is bare. It'll grow back.

That filled about 1/3 of the garden waste bin, so I wheeled it to the curb.

The Starbucks was packed until Janice arrived, then magically tables started opening up. They close at 7, but they mop the floor at 6, which is nasty and offensive. Do that after you lock the doors, suckers.

Safeway, bought a couple of salads, and a pork loin to make moo dang out of. Also sesame oil and hoisin sauce. They didn't have five-spice.

Home, put stuff away. Dinner was more KFC - there is one meal's worth left. Chocolate cake & insulin for dessert.

Watched ESPN with the sound off, saw the highlights of both games.

Anna (Spot adopter) phoned at around 8:30, we talked for 45 minutes. She was concerned Spot would be okay alone during the day. That's been his usual until I let him out of the guest room. I told her to just hide the toilet paper. She also wants to put him in a harness and take him for walks, I said she will need a small dog harness but I bet he'd love it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch snow chasers
Pack Spot into a carrier and bring him to Petco to meet Anna
Take it from there. I'm fine with her taking him home from there, or waiting till we do the formal adoption. My only concern is she may freak out at his size.
BASFA? I have a calendar for Mo.

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