Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Rest of the Story

The moo dang was a disaster. I misread the instructions and sliced up the pork loin and then baked the slices. I was supposed to bake the roast whole, then cut it up. So I have 4 lbs of very dry but very red pork slices. I will try again tomorrow I think. Or maybe I'll just buy some pre-made at Ranch99.

No new job prospects. One bozo kept sending me "urgent requirement" email for a developer job in Arkansas. Even after my auto-reply told him I'm not a developer.

It rained all day,  not hard but steady. Expecting the same tomorrow.

No storm chasers were out today, despite the storms.

I re-installed the marbles game and Streamlabs, and streamed for half an hour after lunch and again just now, but it needs 7 contestants and I only got three or 4.

No word from Anna about Spot, but I don't expect to hear anytime soon.

Spot has been a major brat, climbing up on the kitchen counter as I make meals. Which reminds me, as soon as I finish this, there are 4 cups of rice cooked and needing zip-locking & freezing.

Dinner was reheated pizza with provolone added. Chocolate cake for dessert. On, maybe 2 slices left.

Watched The Bachelor with Spot curled up on my arm and then he climbed higher on my chest. If I didn't have Spook, he would be the Perfect Cat™. Except for the massive steaming stinky poo, accompanied by a lot of yelling.

Watched Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, WTF is she doing out of rehab/jail? The club is on Mikonos, and is funded by some rich Greek micromanaging a-hole. Lots of beautiful booty among the womenfolk. The men staff are definitely 2nd rate.

Plans for tomorrow:
Shut off the PC early, grab the laptop and hang out at Pete's or Starbucks or both. They are turning the power off at 8:30 all day.
Maybe see a movie or two

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