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Spot On

They lied about the power going out at 8:30 am. At 8:15 I was on my way to the Mercado, first a visit to the Walmart grocery for a 2 lb. pork loin and bananas and grapes and hoisin sauce. Then some time on my laptop at Starbucks. 10:15 over to the cinema, which was just opening up, got a ticket for Bumblebee. 25 minutes of waiting, 20 minutes of inane trailers (mostly PG, mostly animated) and then the worst movie I have seen in the last 15 years. Once in a while checking my webcams to see if they had power. They did till 11:30. There were only 3 others in the theater, way in front of me. Two left after 5 minutes.

It's about a rebellious little yellow transformer which switches between being a monster warrior robot and a VW beetle - but with a non-VW logo. He is sent to guard Earth against the bad guy robots. A teenage girl falls in love with him. Aside from her, nobody in the cast can act, and her only marginally. The writing is dead stoopid. The continuity is totally missing. I finally walked out when the anti-climax ending threatened to go on forever and make me puke. 

Bought a ticket for A Star is Born. The rumor was Lady Gaga can act - but we already knew that. Her whole career has been an act, and a great one. She passes my Actor® test - she is not recognizable as herself in this role. A Star Is Born could have been a contender, but Bradley Cooper should have hired a director because the cinematography and editing is all over the place. He also should have picked a different name, because the original and all the 65,347 remakes are about a small town girl Who Wants To Be A Star™, while in this one a woman from a musical family who does not want the limelight has greatness thrust upon her. Cooper and Lady Gaga turn in pretty good performances, but outstanding supporting roles by Sam Elliott and surprisingly Andrew Dice Clay and Dave Chappelle and the dog Charlie are almost worth the price of admission. There is some music. And alleged dancing. In all fairness, the dancing is supposed to be alleged - Lady G's lead singer character is forced to lead a troupe of dancers to become a Star. None of the songs caught me, but the harmonies between G and Coop in their first number together were gorgeous. The ending could have been happier, there was no reason to make the movie a downer, and lots of reasons to make it uplifting and a story of redemption. Unlike the 1937 version Cooper claimed to be imitating, his character's exit was crude and disgusting.

I saw it in the Dolby®™ room, and the audio was, as expected, way too loud during the concert scenes.

Just as the movie started, there was a voicemail icon on my phone, so I stepped out of the too-loud concert scene and called back Anna, who said she has decided to adopt Spot. Yay! Signal strength was minimal, so we switched to text. She said let's do it tomorrow, she still needs to get a carrier and some cat stuff.

After the movie, I stopped in at braved a torrential downpour to go to the Chinese market off Lawrence, searching for minced garlic and 5-spice powder. They had about 7 different 5-spice powders, but only tiny jars of minced garlic so I bought two big containers of peeled garlic, remembering I have a food processor. Also got some big limes and 2 big mangoes.

Home, starving. The power apparently came back at about 4:30. First thing was to check email, then go online and accept the adoption at the re-home site. Email to Anna, she called while I was writing it. She'll come to the community center at 3:30 tomorrow. I'll bring a food tower and a water fountain and Spot's favorite cat scratcher/bed. And a calendar. And Spot.

Minced the garlic. It just fit into the almost empty jar in the fridge.

Snacked on lobster flavored ramen, dinner was the last KFC. Half the chocolate cake for desert.

Watched PTI, Oak Island and Mysteries at the Museum. Hint to the Oak Island metal detector "expert": a 1963 penny is not a treasure find. Online, ran a couple of marbles games, but only for about 10 minutes before everyone went away.

It rained very hard when I got out of the theater, and has been raining hard with high winds all night.  Spent too much time setting all the clocks which had been borked by the outage.

Spot has been more of a bully/brat tonight than usual. Spook has been fighting back some, hiding mostly. This all ends tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Tray again with the moo dang, this time with a 2-lb pork loin and won't slice it till after I bake it Friday
Watch storm chasers
Wrangle Spot into the carrier & make the exchange
See how long it takes for Spook to realize it's her house again
Once she does, return to being a 1-litterbox home.

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