Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Moo Dang Redux

Up before the alarm this morning - actually kept waking up for no reason almost every hour last night. Checked on Spook, she was still behind the TV so I got out the canned air and chased her out of there. I think she was thinking that after I got rid of Spot, she would be next.

She had peed in the livingroom again, so the teleporter rug went into the washer again. Also two towels which Spot had slept on. I took the litterbox cartridges out of both devices, one device went into the shed, and the one in the laundry room got a new cartridge. I figure that takes care of any Spot scent.

Spook came down for treats, which is progress.
Between 8 and 9:30 there was a flurry of recruiter calls, one dud but two resulted in being submitted for good jobs.
Email from Anna, Spot hid under the bed all night, but came out to sit on his perch and look out the window & purr. He hasn't eaten yet, but I'm sure he will soon. I told her what foods he has been getting.
The moo dang recipe was written in a way which made me miss a couple of crucial parts. One is the marinade was supposed to go into a blender so I rescued it from the fridge and poured as much as I could into the blender, then back into the bag with the pork.

Watched a couple of storm chasers, one in Michigan who was driving through the aftermath of about 2", and the other further south getting boring weather footage of people scraping ice off their windshields.

Got to downtown MV a little before Janice, grabbed a table. We chatted for a couple of hours.

Grocery Outlet, plugged in the car and got the battery up to almost 90%. Got more chocolate mochi, milk and smoked turkey drumstick.

Home, plugged in the car for the rest of the charge, thinking I had a long drive tomorrow, but FB events said it was Sunday. Oh well.

The other thing I missed in the recipe was to pour the marinade into a pot while the pork was baking, and bring it to a boil, use it to baste with. So I did that.

The first 15 minutes at 450 got the internal temp up to 150° so I only gave it 7 minutes at 350, but it still overcooked a little.

Looked okay, was edible, but the marinade did not penetrate more than 1/4", so while the outside is red the inside is white. After slicing it up, I put all the medallions into a container and poured in all the marinade. I think that will make it close to what it is supposed to be.

But that's the end of the experiment. For the same price I can get it pre-made at the Asian supermarket.

Channel surfed, watched bits of Serena Williams clobbering a cute young blonde who sprained her ankle in the first 5 minutes, but soldiered on. Serena's butt is the size of New Jersey, and her thighs aren't toned at all, but she's overpowering with her upper body, and will probably last another round or three.

The Weather Channel continues to predict doom and gloom in the face of almost no evidence.

At GO I bought Spook some soft food treats, and she ate some but it looks disgusting so I'll throw away the remaining packets. Maybe I'll open a can of tuna for her tomorrow.

Dinner was falafel & hummus, and way too much of Breyers' excellent chocolate ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing in particular.
Maybe go for a drive
Watch storm chasers if they are out and about

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