Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

How Bored Was He?

Pretty bored.

Slept in. The usual breakfast. Spook came down for treats. But then she pooped in the kitchen behind the table. Carried her to the litterbox the next time she looked to be doing that, but she bolted and did it again.

Nothing job related online, but there were 5 storm chasers out, three of them in actual storms and two heading for them. But it was nothing like what TWC was predicting. Maybe tomorrow.

Lunch was a bagel, salmon cream cheese, sardines and tuna. I gave Spook some tuna, but she mostly just licked the juice off and walked away, and pouted at me for not giving her more treats.

Today was the Fosters beer experiment. I don't like beer, though I was okay with Thai beer when I lived there. So I thought maybe it's American beer. I remembered the commercials "Fosters is Australian for Beeaaah!" and bought a can of it last time I was in GO. Long story short, Fosters is Australian for piss.

It was a warm (67°) day, so I sat on the porch and watched the clouds (no wind) and a couple of hummingbirds. Took the Thai lime trees inside and placed the bay laurel in its container in the front garden so it would get rain water. Now no plants on the porch and there is more room for the rocking chair and a better view of the hummingbird feeders.

Amazon delivered subscription items: litterbox cartridges (I won't need as many any more), Scharffen-Berger chocolate bars (once again near their expiration and inedible), Seaweed, pistachios, cat treats and the wrong maple Kind bars. I ordered the right ones but they were out so they substituted.

I need to call them about the chocolate, since their policy is no returns. Monday. I can enter a 1-star rating though.

Ran a dishwasher load. Emptied the dryer. Mailed the returned to sender calendar with the corrected address.

Hosted a stream - a game of marbles. Only had 5 players (it wants 7) but it was fun.

Dinner was ha gow and pork buns. Chocolate mochi for dessert.

Watched The Hendersons vet show. Also watched underwater Alaska river gold miners. They mostly know what they are doing but not how to do it.

MTV was showing some epic music videos, lots of booty, including Miley Cyrus'. She has a very nice one.

Yet to watch on Tivo is The Orville.

Plans for tomorrow:
Howie Miller's memorial at noon in Saratoga
Take out the garbage
Maybe Khao moo dang for dinner.

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