Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

8 weeks

The alarm went off and the lights came on as usual at 7:30 but I didn't recognize the fact for about 15 minutes.

Did not see Spook in her usual webcam spots, found her sleeping in the guest room under the Casio keyboard/stand, using a 3-tiered ball toy as a pillow. My sister was right, Spook just needed to be sure Spot wasn't in the room anymore. She's almost totally back now, all day she has been playing with her toys, guarding the house from all the window sills, keeping an eye on me in the office from the cat tree there, scratching on the back of the recliner to let me know she wants me to pet her, meowing for treats and staring at me until I toss her a piece of my shrimp dinner.

Other than that it was a boring day. Only 3 recruiter messages, two from guys at the same company within 15 minutes of each other data mining - they didn't have an actual job, they lied and said they did, but instead of a job description they sent a bunch of questions which normally are asked by the employer just before making an offer. My request for a real job description was ignored. The other message was for a job I am not interested in/qualified for which I'd seen listed before and passed by.

No storm chasers were streaming, on account of all the storms were gone and had not left much snow behind. The usual 1:30 pm ride home from one of them was the only Twitch worth watching.

I did spend an hour online applying for unemployment insurance benefits. I would have done so my last day on the contract except I had another job lined up. Or so I thought. But since I've been out of work for >2 weeks and had not collected benefits for >2 years, I am qualified again. I did have to create a new login (same as the old one, which they killed after 18 months).

Also went onto the DMV site, and it took way too long to find the FAQ which said not to panic from not getting my new license plates after a month, they said wait 8 weeks, then panic. Bummer because I have to wait to have the plates before I can give them back and have my vanity plates authorized for the Leaf. And I have to wait for that exchange before I can apply for the commuter lane stickers.

Watched all my Tivo. White Water Gold Mining, PTI and The Orville. The underwater gold miners started to find actual gold, but it was small tailings like one would get panning for gold at a tourist place in California. They think that under this raging river, in bedrock, is a vein of gold. They may be right, but their sponsor needs to seriously find them a mechanical engineer to show them how to safely build the support infrastructure.

The Orville did a tangentially LMK episode, but using Yul Brynner as King Mongkhut to deliver the peaceful co-existence message. https://youtu.be/9u5iHzag120?t=80

The Bachelor is recording right now.

Got a lot of positive response for my moon photos. Hand held and way too grainy, but FB makes them look better. There were lots mo-better images online from photographers who had actually planned. I expected clouds all night and was surprised to get clearing when I did.

Should have gone to BASFA tonight, but just couldn't rouse myself.

Plans for tomorrow:
No rain: drive to the carnivorous plants store by Half Moon Bay
Rain: who knows?

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