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One Rug Pulled

The arsenal camera device support job didn't make it to a final interview. Bummer.

Today's hits were from places way far away, and a couple more data miners. Double bummer.

Took the laptop to Bat Cave Starbucks, I haven't been there for a long time. Very few indoor seats, most without power, all of them being lived in. Literally. It was like a homeless camp. I went there because Lucky's is there, and I was going to get HB eggs, but instead I went to the local Pete's/Specialty's, had a pecan bun & iced tea. Plugged in earphones and watched my favorite storm chaser for about an hour. Long ride because slick roads near Chicago.

Just before I left, one of the younger park residents chatted me up. I think she wanted a ride home, but said she didn't want to wait for me to shop. And suggested we meet there some time to chat. I think she's Russian, from her hard to understand accent. Her eyes are very blue. She is not banded.

GO, bought eggs - 18 raw. Also fixings for trout, and beef Strogonoff which people on chat were having for dinner. It's a childhood fave from my Hungarian grandma. Easy to make.

This morning I went online and found that a trip to HMB for meat eating plants was not necessary - they will ship them. Also, all the places which sell milkweed plants won't ship till Spring.

Home, put a dozen eggs in a pot and heated it to boiling, then set a timer for 10 minutes, covered the pot and went to the office to go online. Forgot all about the eggs for at least 20 minutes. Rescued them, put them under cold running water for 10 minutes. Cracked two open, they peeled easily and were perfectly done. Go figure.

Some will be breakfast, some will go into a new batch of chopped liver.

The trout are defrosting in the fridge, in the same bin as the fixings - most of them at least.

Watched PTI, played online a bit, then made the Strogonoff. It was okay, but bland. It needs pepper and maybe more than zero salt. I used stir fry beef, which is a bit too narrow cut, but okay. There's enough for 2 more meals and enough wide noodles for 3. I will probably take some noodles and butter them up for a snack.

Chicken livers went into the freezer because that project will probably be a while.

Watched The Bachelor. Miss Botox did not get a rose. One girl who just didn't click was sent home from her 1-on-1. The two beauty pageant divas both got roses, I would have sent them both home because it is clear they are treating this like a pageant and not like a life choice. Bachelor doesn't get that, and doesn't understand why they hate each other. Meanwhile the petite super-slut got a rose, of course. There are still about women 20 left, still a very diverse group. I am rooting for the slightly older redhead who works (as does the Bachelor) with disabled children. I loved the 1-on-1 they had, at an amusement park with a bunch of kids. Both of them were in their element. And while she is super-hot she is by far the most intelligent of the bachelorettes.

Spook has been a new version of her old self, the sheepskin rug which she rarely had used before is now her favorite place to be while I'm watching TV, and when I'm on the computer she's either there or on the office tree or window sill. I re-programmed the food dispenser to only give 1 cup 2 x a day. I think she is only eating treats. The livingroom under the teleporter is still where she is pooping, so I moved the litterbox there. It had been there for a couple of weeks before she started pooping in the kitchen.

In car news, I tried to install widgets to hang the hose-sized car charger cable, but they didn't work. I need a standard plastic hose hanger.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe Yamagami's - see if they have milkweed plants. Get a hose hanger. Basil, and cat grass is also on the list.
Probably go to Pete's again. There is a fair amount of eye candy.
Below Deck on Tivo
Nosh on wide noodles

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