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Lost And Spaced

Spook spent most of the night in bed with me. This is above and beyond Spot removal - she has never done that before. I woke up a little after 6, and when she saw I was up she walked up onto my chest. Another first. She bailed when I got up to tinkle, and came back when I tried to go back to sleep.

Up for real with the alarm at 7:30. Spook was in the hall looking at me. I stayed in bed reading, and then at 8:30 AG called,  he had taken the family to Calistoga for the long weekend. He said that the locals were pissed at the Media™ for making it look like it had been a disaster area when only a small section was burned. But the city was completely evacuated at the time, so blame the fire chief.

We talked for an hour, so by the time I got in the shower the sun was up and Spook found a spot in the sun on the rim of the bath tub to work on her tan.

The usual breakfast, nothing interesting in email, a couple of jobs to apply for online. I deleted my link to Monster because all their listings seem to link to Dice, and usually to expired posts.

One phone call wanting an Android developer, which I am not.

I'm starting to get nervous about the job search. I should have had at least one in-person interview by now.

10:30 headed out to Yamagami's. Or so I thought. Once again I took the wrong route and ended up at Lion Supermarket which was the place I couldn't find yesterday. It's on Saratoga, Yamagami's is on DeAnza. It was a long trip to get where I wanted to go, and left empty handed. They have removed most of their herbs, so no basil, they had no milkweed, only one Thai lime tree and they wanted $80 for a poorly one. And no hose hangers.

So back home because it was after noon and I was having an insulin reaction. Chocolate cake & ice cream helped. And some of the noodles from last night with butter.

Watched some mindless TV while I recovered. Spook curled up next to the sheepskin rug where she can keep an eye on me.

1:30, fired up Twitch to chat with my favorite group, actually fell asleep for 5 minutes. Low Hgl (70) hit me hard.

5-ish drove to Lowe's and found a hose hanger, and cat grass seeds and catnip seeds. They no longer sell windshield washer fluid. So on to Pep Boys, bought 2 gallons of Rainex fluid and next door to Petco, thought about getting a hidey hole for Spook, but instead bought a handful of Sheba treat foods and a couple of small cans of food - one with crab and one with shrimp.

On the way home I used the rear and front washers, and they worked fine - I guess they just needed to be primed.

Home, insulin was delivered. They added vials to account for my increased overnight dosage. Yay. $95, way down from the $500 or so last year.

Opened the hood and poured fluid into the spout, but it only took about a cup. Put the jugs in the shed.

Dinner was my last mango chicken & rice. Lamyay for dessert.

Watched another episode of Catfish, and from what I've seen so far the detective work they do usually makes the situation worse. They go all around the problem instead of working it head-on.

Gave Spook the shrimp food, she gulped down about half of it before walking away.

Now that the litterbox is where she wants it, she's using it. Yay, sort of. I don't really want it that close to the recliner & front door, but there is some humor in it being under a life size wall hanging of the Star Trek teleporter.

Non sequitur time:
The most perfect place on Earth
The flies don’t bite your eyeballs
And human life has worth

A snippet from my favorite Book of Mormon song, which popped up on my USB drive on the way home from the nursery. The song makes me cry every time. It's so spot-on, showing how very very tough life is in much of the world. It describes Paradise through the eyes of an African peasant girl. There but for fortune...

Installed the hose hanger, stupid design, there is no way to install the screws through the device, just had to settle for it being a little loose. But now the cable is off the sometimes wet ground, which was the point.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual morning routine
Pete's ?
Pear Theater is having a preview performance, but I may wait till Janice is back from PV because it's a subject near and dear to her
Maybe catch a movie. Or watch Roma on Netflix
Trout for dinner


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