Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

TurboTax Day

Once again, Spook climbed on my chest to tell me it's time to wake up. I'm sure she wanted treats right away, but not before I brush my teeth, take a shower, and get dressed. She leads me to the kitchen, but first I measure my Hgl, take pills (4 prescriptions and 4 OTC), and shoot up two kinds of insulin.

Then treats, and then I grab a banana and slice up a hard boiled egg and ambulate to the office and check email & FB & Twitch.

Nothing productive on email. There was an interesting QA job at the place which made my pacemaker, but I don't know the FDA protocols for testing, and from a long ago girlfriend who did work for them, it's not something to learn on the job.

Phone call from the agency which landed me the contract job at Netflix, and the conversation went like this:
Her: "We have a position at VMWare which matches your resume"
Me: "Great, as long as they don't need a coder"
Her: "They don't. All they want is someone with Python and Java"
Me: "Those are coding languages."
Her: "So you're not interested?"
Me: "Nope."

What kind of technical recruiter doesn't know what coding is? Or that Python and Java are programming languages? Sheesh.

Watched Below Deck in which two guys LJBFed the crew-mates they had been banging. We're on the last cruise of the season, and people are making plans to go home. One woman took it well, the other did not. There was Drama™.

12:30, drove to Pete's and had the usual sticky bun and once again their drinks machine was out of all the colas. You woud think they would mention that before handing you the cup. They do have canned cola. Finished the bun, set up the laptop, joined my favorite chat channel. Pete's had a lot of eye candy today, much better than sitting in my office at home. Blue eyed neighbor was not there.

Thought about plugging the car in, but it's at 63%, I want to get it below 50% first. Maybe tomorrow, definitely Saturday. (Orchid show in Redwood City & Karaoke in Cupertino)

Home, in the mailbox was the rent bill and the W2 from the Google job and my two mortgage interest statements. Fired up TurboTax and entered the W2 and interest info and also the property taxes, which were a bit off because the county spans 2 half-years, so I had to add the two 2018 payments and ignore the 2017 one. I also had a form from my IRA about the withdrawal I made, but Jan 29 all my brokerage stuff will be downloadable, so I'll wait on that. I was surprised my W2 wasn't downloadable, they used to be. Also need to look up my state tax refund from last year. If there was one. And have to wait for Social Security W2.

Watched 2 more Catfish episodes.

Ordered a cat hideaway online. Just a box, basically, with a hole in front and padding on top. Spook looks like she needs a hole to crawl into from time to time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Manicure at 10:30
ATM, deposit a refund for $27 from the DMV by way of my car dealer
Probably hang out at the downtown SVale Starbucks and/or Prolific Oven.

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