Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

That didn't exactly go as planned

The idea was to take the long drive to Los Gatos where the DMV office is supposedly less crowded than the others. Got there around 9:30, but there was noplace to park, found a spot on the street in a 2-hour zone 2 blocks away. That seemed safe for a simple license plate exchange.

No line at the front door (1-2-hour wait at my local DMV) and was given a number right away. But the place was packed. Many places to sit, but way more people than I expected. My number was B025, B016 had just come up on the board. This felt good.

B016 stayed there for half an hour.

Glad I had my tablet and the Kindle app. Read two short stories. It took 90 minutes for B025 to come up.

And then what should have taken 5 minutes took 20 because I got a trainee who had never done this before. Luckily her mentor was sitting at the next desk and helped her out.

Finally got my new registration and stickers, walked out the door in the wrong direction. By the time I found my car it was 11:30 - 2 hours.

The Leaf's nav system had some strange ideas about the best way there and the best way home, but rolled with my changes and did okay where it counted.

Home, got my electric screwdriver and removed the dealer ads front and back, applied the stickers to my HOWEIRD back plate, screwed both front and back plates in place.

In the mail was the CA tax form, which I didn't really need because TurboTax knew what last year's refund was, and that it's not taxable since I took standard deductions. Or I think I did.

Also in the mail was a letter from unemployment saying they couldn't identify me. What a crock - I received benefits 2 years ago, they should have me on file. So I printed out a copy of my driver's license and social security statement and birth certificate, shoved them into their envelope and applied a forever stamp. Will mail it tomorrow.

In other news, with the new year apparently comes new garbage crew. Recycles were picked up before I headed out this morning, usually they are mid-afternoon. Garbage was collected while I was in Los Gatos, a little later than usual.

None of the expected amazon deliveries showed up.

Watched an episode of Shark Tank, online there was one storm chaser to watch - the usual 1:30 pm guy was, ironically, snowed in, so no stream from him.

Lunch was creamed corn and Chinese BBQ pork. Finished the mango chunks for dessert.

Went out onto the porch to enjoy 67° and no wind, and watched Lee finally cut down her massive passion fruit vine, which had devoured her juniper bush and was seriously shading some of my rose garden. She gave me a few of the fruits, with instructions to let them ripen for a week or so till they were deep purple. Then cut the tops and eat them like a soft boiled egg after mashing the insides. Spook joined me at her porch guard perch.

Dinner as I watched The Orville was tater tots and fish sticks (they bake at the same temp for about the same time) provolone and Swiss melted onto the fish sticks. Root beer float for dessert.

Spook followed me into the kitchen and made treats-begging sounds, but when I poured some out for her she looked at me like I'd misunderstood and walked away. Hmmm.

The calendar alarm went off, I'd forgotten I was going to go to BASFA, but on FB I saw that the person I was going to give a calendar to was at a trivia night elsewhere. So no BASFA for me.

Plans for tomorrow:
Download data from my broker into TurboTax and hopefully file my return
Drop off the rent and the annual tenant info sheet with Spook photos
Girl Scout cookies are on sale at the Caltrain station. I need thin mints
Job hunt. There's a consulting firm looking for people
It is expected to rain. Maybe not the day to go to the park
New vacuum cleaner should arrive. Un-mess the kitchen

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