Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sucky day

Up at 6 to tinkle, up again with the alarm at 7:30. Spook has discovered the tree in the guest room, and has been parking herself atop it sometimes.

Took the rent and the annual info sheet to the park manager. Told him about the no-go on the car charger.

Took the car to Pete's, had a snack while it charged. 53% up to 83% in half an hour. This is not the full charge they advertised. Time to stop griping about it and get used to it.

Home, watched a couple of storm chaser in upstate NY and somewhere in the midwest. My usual chaser was an hour early, sent home because everyone is panicking about record cold temps predicted. I personally doubt that will happen. Weather predictions this year have been way off. As usual. But whatever, schools and stuff will be closed tomorrow to keep people off the streets. It will be interesting to see what really happens.

Meanwhile metal detector guy was digging in 6" of snow near Albany NY and finding some metal.

Delivered was an order of insulin pens. Almost $400 for a 3-month supply. Later the vacuum cleaner was plopped at the base of the carport steps. I assembled it and ran it over the kitchen floor mess and it did okay. Now have to swiffer the surface dirt.

Meals were nosherai.

Watched The Bachelor, was disappointed that he sent home the one whom the imp bad-mouthed. Imp will probably come in 2nd because she wants to win the game so badly. I have no idea who will make it through the next round - too many big group "dates", and he's almost always in love with the one he's with on all the 1-on-1 dates. He really needs a harem, not a wife.

The Orville was way too serious this time. Someone on FB claimed it was a shout-out to Holocaust Day but it wasn't really. They did dress the leaders of the newly found planet in military uniforms,  grey - light not Nazi grey. Nobody was killed. It was more like Soviet Russia where people were sent away to prison camps. Their crime was being born under the wrong astrological sign, which is bogus because the Orville crew wasn't born under that zodiac. Seth needs to get back to the show being a parody.
The fans in my PC were making groaning noises so I went into the BIOS and saw two of them were under-performing. I turned off the automatic controls, and they got up to speed and stopped making noises.

Downloaded the one available item from the brokerage to TurboTax, but unfortunately it was my massive withdrawal from my IRA from when I thought I was going to buy the Leaf instead of lease it. That cost me $8k in taxes. Hopefully in a month when the rest of the brokerage info is available that will go down some. I put most of the withdrawal back into my brokerage account, but it looks like I'll need a chunk back to pay the taxes.

About The Holocaust.  I am sick of all the "we must remember" crap. I have grown up with it, and I have seen the pattern repeated many times since. Stalin, Castro, Mao, countless South American, African and Asian dictators. The key is a charismatic leader. We don't have that in America at the moment. We also don't have a governmental structure which lends itself to a charismatic leader declaring martial law and taking over. Jews today have survivors' guilt, and the guilt which goes with allowing the massive genocide against them. It's well past time to forget it and move forward.

Spook has been trying out all the possible spots on the livingroom floor. I cracked one of the windows so she could smell as well as see outside.

Delivered later was the squeegee and an almost year's supply of coated 1000mg Vitamin C.

Got a call from a recruiter about a possible manual testing job at Apple. And another for one at Google which I had to pass up.

This morning there was wet pavement in front of the house, but dry patches every 5 feet or so means we had a classic cold front. About half the house was rained on.

Plans for tomorrow:

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