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Mister Eclectic

Scratch That One

Up with the 7:30 alarm, Spook had been on the bed until I got up at 6 to tinkle.

Light rain, all day, cloudy. Lunch was skipped, BB&B to exchange CO2 bottles and stock up on SodaStream syrups. BestBuy to browse for PCs, but none of them met my requirements. What idiot at HP and Lenovo decided a DVD drive should be mounted vertically? Why did Dell not include optical out on its audio panel?

Maybe tomorrow I'll put the PC on the work table, mount the SSD correctly, pull out all the fans and make a Fry's run to get new ones.

Oddly enough, a friend emailed asking for help deciding how to upgrade her PC, which is about the same vintage as mine except she still has her original HDD. I suggested a Dell Inspiron at BB, and pay them to xfer the data. Also suggested a sound bar, and since she asked, a better router. I can help set up the new router, but I'm not keen on copying a hard drive. For both of us, even the slowest CPU and memory will be faster than what we have now.

In my case, I've already installed an SSD and an 8TB HDD so that's not part of my upgrade. We also both have good monitors.

From BB/BBB I took the surface roads to downtown SVale, walked to Starbucks, enjoyed the eye candy until the horrible bass-booming music drove me away. Stopped at Prolific Oven, bought a cream puff, eclaire and a Napoleon to go.

On my way out of the underground garage a big van/short bus zoomed in and I heard a huge crunch as the rear passenger side of my new car banged a pillar. Grrr. My fault, waited till I got home to check the damage. Just a scrape, but pretty deep. Windex and a paper towel hid most of it. Easy for a detailer to fix when the time comes. Just needs to be lightly sanded and maybe painted. If I had a steadier hand I'd do it myself.

In the mail was my 2019-2020 insurance card. Current car insurance is good till April Fool's Day. Also a Burpee catalog and an summer camp catalog. Burpee had all kinds of saplings for sale, but I think I'll just go to Yamagami's - I was telling Lee that I wanted to put trees in planters on her side of the house which is all cement. Yama's can suggest container-able trees for our climate.

Coffee with Janice Saturday and "SPENDING THE END OF THE WORLD ON OK CUPID" at The Pear Theater a week from Sunday (matinée & talkback session after).  Bought tickets, am flabbergasted at the $7 service fee.

Dinner was half a huge smoked turkey drumstick and way-too-much-garlic mashed potatoes which I built from a tub of KFC mashed potatoes and home made minced garlic. Way strong. Dessert was all three Prolific Oven goodies over a 2-hour period.

Watched PTI and Mysteries at the Museum. The former is mostly ignoring the Superbowl, since both teams in it won by referee.

BP is up a little. Pacemaker has been more annoying than usual lately. It's an inconvenient lump in my body, near where my shoulder meets my torso. I seriously doubt it is doing any good there. But I have no data because the techs haven't released any. I keep not emailing my cardiologist about it.

There was a nice email message about a job at Tivo I applied for two weeks ago, asking when they could have a hiring manager talk to me next week. Yay! I enjoyed my month there and now one of the chief engineers is a fellow who hired me twice to work at Kasenna.

Plans for tomorrow:
PC surgery
Fry's trip

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