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(Yet Another Senior Moment)

I see from my notepad that the reason I popped up the LJ widget, it was to write about my lunchtime bike ride, and Dr. Who was going to be after that. So, my bike ride. Today I decided to ride out past my usual loop, and see if I remembered correctly that there was a strip mall with food places just the other side of 237 from work, on Tasman. So I hauled myself up over the overpass (I hate working that hard on a bicycle), and instead of a strip mall there was nothing. Just residences. I took a jaunt on Fair Oaks toward 101, and found The Lion and Compass, but there was no place to park a bike, and besides, the place is way pricey anyhow.

Back to Tasman, continuing past Fair Oaks, maybe the strip mall was there. Nope - just a trailer park. Boo hiss. So I continued on to Lawrence and across, and had lunch at Chubby's Grill, where they had to big-ish TV screens playing the last gasps of the England-Sweden game. The crowd was rooting for whomever scored. Just as I sat down, England scored its one goal, and just as I was leaving Sweden tied it up in the final minutes.

Back to work, I considered hopping on light rail, but the trains are at least half an hour apart, and I was only 15 minutes away. About 3 miles, a little more. So I rode the bike.

That was more biking than I want to do at lunchtime, will not do that again any time soon.

Got out of work on time, for a change, and made the early train, but it was only one car instead of the usual two, so the bike racks were all full, I had to stand with the bike in the doorway the whole way.

Home, dinner, decided to make a special dessert. Took a couple of tablespoons of the mascarpone cheese, slapped it into a coffee cup, mixed in some unsweetened powdered chocolate, a few crushed walnuts and two packets of Equal. Stirred it all up together. It was terrific. Kind of a low cal parfait.

Went to OSH and Safeway, noticed the Albertson's in San Antonio Square is closing. That's a shame, it is a HUGE store, clean, carried some items Safeway doesn't. But Albertson has announced it is closing a lot of Bay Area stores, and this one never did get enough business to justify its size. When they gut the place, I bet they find customers who have been lost and assumed abducted by aliens.

My BritRail pass arrived. UPS slipped it under the door. Quite a feat, because the door really doesn't have that much of a gap. And they're supposed to drop things off at the rental office when nobody is home, so they get a signature. Lazy bastards.

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